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27 June 2008

After looking for a good solution to manage my audio files and distribute through the house, I've decided to try LinuxMCE. Other than playing with Ubuntu on a laptop for a couple of days and having supported Unix on Altos x86 boxes a couple of decades ago, I have no experience. I've also never contributed to a Wiki before so this is all a learning experience for me.

Early next week I should have my core server - have no idea what exactly it is, as it's a used WinTel server that's anywhere between 2 and 4 years old. I should also receive a Neoware thin client I picked up from eBay for less than $30, including shipping. I'm hoping to use the thin client to support audio only.

In the meanwhile I'm ripping all of my music collection on a Vista tablet using Exact Audio Copy and LAME to get VBR MP3s. So far I'm up to about 26 GB and probably about 1/4-1/3 of the way through my collection.

Total cost to date $28.52

Neoware Thin Client Terminal CA2 800MHz 512MB $28.52

Will update this on a weekly basis or so.