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Why I'm Here

I don't have a house yet but I feel the need to plan for the future, and I can definitely utilizing the functionality that LinuxMCE offers. My programing experience isn't anything formal like a degree or even classes, but over time I have picked up bits and pieces from writing scripts and from web design experience. I hope I can contribute to the community in a meaningful way soon.

My Development/Testing Setup

Intel Severboard SE7501HG2 12 GB DDR 266 ECC Registered RAM

The only thing that i would like to ad to this system would be a Nvidia PCI graphics card.

On the server I run Oracle Virtual Box, with 3 environments loaded: LinuxMCE 0810 core, LinuxMCE 1004 core, LinuxMCE 0810 MD (working on this at time of writing).

Things that I have learned


I use apt-mirror to hold a local copy of all the repo's used in installation and updating, how i did it are as follows. sudo apt-get install apt-mirror I'd also install apache if you dont have it already sudo nano /etc/apt/mirror.list This is the configuration file for apt-mirror. I held all of my files on an external USB HD, i did this because i didnt have an internal HD that was big enough. To mirror everythign for an 10.04 install its about 80 GB!! Si uncommented the base path line and i changed it to /media/nameofdrive. I also changed my threads to 50 because i was able to borrow a faster connection to download all of this. The sources I mirrored are:

After all this is set, run it with: sudo apt-mirror and wait, on my 200 KB/sec connection it took about 5 days, and on a 1 MB/sec connection it finished in like 26 hrs.

After thats finished you need to make sym links from your mirror to the apache dir. An example is below, you will have to use 5 links to cover the 5 repo's you mirrored: ln -s /media/nameofdrive/apt-mirror/mirror/ /var/www/ubuntu

All thats left is changing your sources.list to your mirror, example below: deb http://ipofmirror/linuxmce/ lucid beta2

Using it w/o apache: If you want to just use a USB HD attached to that machine you want to use your mirror on (this is the fastest way to install), then all you do is change your sources.list to a files path, examole below: deb file:/media/nameofdisk/apt-mirror/mirror/archive.ubuntu/com/ubuntu/

if you have any trouble find me on IRC or email me or use google :)