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My current configuration: (work in progress at the moment) 

I have a lot of parts ie.zoneminder (now using Blue Iris) for cameras, asterisk/freeswitch for telephone/VOIP, Caddx NX security system. I'm no longer trying to bring them together. Waiting for the next release before I start testing again.

LinuxMCE version - 0810-Release

Computer: Hybrid, ASUS M3N78-VM.

Remote Storage: Thecus N7700 RAID array.

Orbiters/Remote Controls: DT-366, Fiire remote.

TV: HDhomerun, Sharp Aquos.

Control: USB-UIRT, GC-100-12.

Satellite Setup: None at the moment, but I'm looking.

Home Automation: Insteon various. X10 various.

Camera Setup: 4 x analog cameras: Currently connected to ZoneMinder (now Blue Iris) Server. Several Axis IP cameras.

Cable TV: For my sins, I finally got Brighthouse/Tampabay cable.