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A logical diagram of my network:

I was running 7.10, now I am working on getting my 8.10 reinstall working. I had a HDD failure, and while waiting for a replacement another drive went out of sync, and I lost the system. I was able to restore most of the data, but I decided that I would keep the data on a server and rebuild the system instead.


  • Mainboard: ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe (be sure to disable acpi in the BIOS or grub, see this link:
  • CPU: AMD 5000+
  • Memory: 4 GB Corsair DDR2-800
  • Case: APEVIA Black X-MASTER - I would spring for a better/larger case next time, this is a tight fit and the PSU is reported to have issues. Looks nice though!
  • HDD: I now just have a single 1.5TB drive, with 200GG for windows 7. I decided to use a NAS for storage instead (since I had 2 failures at once, probably due to heat) 3x 1.5TB SATA in hardware raid5. software RAID5 (2.7TB in /home). I used this guide:
  • 3Ware 9650SE-4LPML RAID controller for hardware RAID5. Note that you need to create a boot volume in the bios since Ubuntu won't boot off a drive over 2TB!
  • NIC: Dual Onboard Gigabit (eth0 and eth1 swapped randomly once, I just swapped the wires after I realized the problem)
    • I had trouble with 0810 getting the 2nd onboard NIC to work, then I added a 3rd NIC into a PCI slot, then it suddenly came up!
  • Video: XFX Geforce 8500
  • PVR-150 - installed, but not in use (I have a HDhomerun that I use instead)
  • Fiire Chief Remote (works great)
  • USB-UIRT (not used yet)
  • Panasonic TH-42PZ80U 42" 1080p plasma TV (be sure to remove any EDID, screen resolution, and refresh rate lines from your xorg.conf file otherwise it will overscan and be blurry).

So far this is working as a basic system, however I am not finished setting things up. The 1st onboard NIC shut off after I got Kubuntu installed and I had to add the 3Com for now, it appears to be an issue with the driver (see here: Note: this was resolved after I reinstalled from scratch, also the sound started working properly. Apparently Ubuntu doesn't like it when you change motherboards after it is installed.

I did a normal Kubuntu 7.10 install following the RAID5 instructions in the link above first, then I installed LMCE with the CD's.

Media Director

  • Mainboard: Jetway JNC62K (FYI - comes with a slim fan/cooler)
  • Processor: AMD 4850e (45W)
  • RAM: Crucial 2GB stick
  • Video: onboard NVidia 8200

I discovered that if I have certain USB devices plugged in while this is doing a diskless boot, it fails. I had to disable one of the onboard NIC's to get it to start to boot off the network (the one labeled Onboard LAN fails, the PCIE one works). I also had to use the r8168 fix (see my fun here) on 0710, but on 0810 I did not. I had to manually install the nvidia driver as well, but this board is working now.

I have 2 of these, one in a Morex T-3310 case and the other is a INWIN BM639 (it can hold a regular DVD and one hard drive. Be sure to get 45W processors with these cases, as the power supplies are only about 70W total!

Mobile Orbiters

  • Fujitsu LT500C First try I used a nuforce skin, which doesn't seem to work at all. It receives updates but clicking on buttons does nothing. The UI1 skin works fine, it runs at 800x600 without issue. I have a generic 802.11g PCMCIA card in here for wireless. This device runs Windows 2000.

Home Automation


  • Micasaverde USB stick (was working in 0704, haven't gotten it to work yet in 0810)
  • Generic Motion Sensor (like in 0704 video)
  • Generic Appliance Module
  • Generic Lamp Modules

This section is a bit outdated, I have many wall switches and wall dimmers now. I discovered a problem where if you unplug one or more zwave unit(s) from the system it takes forever to send the signal to other units. I first noticed my new wall switches weren't working, so I thought it was the units but all I had to do was plug in all the modules that I had added to the system and then it worked fine again. Someone else postulated that it was trying to send to that unit, and the system was bogged down. Update: I do not believe this to be the case, it is only when I added these new dimmers to the new system that commands are slow. I don't know the brand of them now, but I might replace them later. Also, the zwave setup in 0810 is different, it wanted me to send the master copy command, but if you just skip it you can edit the devices manually in the web admin.