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I live in France and discovered computers in 1980.

I was a MythTV user before discovering LMCE and be seduced by this application.

Today I am a big fan and I'm very pleased to participate modestly in this adventure.

Here my setup (LMCE 10.04 final):

Core #0: (Grenier)

Motherboard: Gigabyte  GA-P35-DS3L
Processor: Intel duo Quad 9300
Video: ASUS - EN6200LE TC256/TD/64M (PCI-E)
RAM: OCZ Dual Channel Platinum XTC, DDR2 PC2-6400, Cas 4 (2 x 2 Go)
HDD: Seagate - 500 Go (SATA)
NIC #1: Onboard NIC
NIC #2: Intel® PRO/1000 PT Desktop (PCI-E gigabit)
Power Supply: Advance EA4G - 750W
TV card : Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-T-500 (PCI)
Capture card: PV-149 - 4 port video capture card (PCI

Media Director #1: (Salon)

Zotac Ion ITX A - Atom N330
Video: Nvidia Ion 
RAM: 1024 Mo
NIC: Onboard 1Gb
Audio: HDMI
Resolution: 1280 x 720 - 60Hz - HDMI on TV

Media Director #2: (Salle de Douche)

Mini PC Zotac Zbox HD-ID41
Video: Nvidia Ion2
RAM: 2048 Mo 
Monitor: LCD ViewSonic VA1912W
NIC: Onboard 1Gb
Audio: Onboard audio out
Resolution: 1440 x 900 - DVI

Media Director #3: (Home Cinema)

Shuttle XS35GTV2 (Fanless)
Video: Nvidia Ion2
RAM: Gskill 2x2 Go (SoDimm)
Monitor: Video projector Mitsubishi HC-7000
NIC: Onboard gigabit (JMicron)
Audio: HDMI
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 - HDMI

Media Director #4: (Cuisine)

Shuttle X50V2 plus (Fanless)
Video: Intel GMA3100 (onboard)
RAM: 4Go
NIC: Onboard gigabit (JMicron)
Resolution: 1366 x 768 - Digital LVDS

Media Director #5: (Garage Ph)

Motherboard: MSI 975X Platinum PowerUp Edition
Processor: INTEL Pentium Dual Core E2180 (2Ghz)
Video: GeForce 7900 Fanless 
RAM: Gskill 2 Go
Monitor: An old 15" HP monitor
NIC: Onboard gigabit
Audio: Onboard audio out
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Drive cages : 3ware RAID Drive Cages RDC- 400-SATA
Raid 5 : 3ware 9500s (PCI) 
HDD: 4 x 750 Go Seagate (SATA II)


Operating System: Ubuntu server 12.04  
Motherboard: Asrock ConRoe1333-GLAN
Processor: INTEL Pentium Dual Core E2160 (1.8Ghz)
Video: An old PCI Matrox
NIC: ConRoe1333-GLAN (on board gigabit)
RAM: Gskill 1 Go
HDD #1 : Seagate 40 Go (IDE)
HDD #2 : 4 x 2 To Samsung (SATA II)
HDD #3 : 4 x 3 To Seagate (SATA III)
Raid 5 : 3ware 9650se 8LPML (PCI-E)
Drive cages : 3ware RAID Drive Cages RDC- 400-SATA (2 x 4 internal cages)


1 x Seluxit viaSENS Homecontroller (no longer works!)
1 x VISION SECURITY - Contrôleur USB Z-Wave (Cheap and works great !)
4 x Merten Blind control (580699) + Radio shutter push-button (504519)
2 x HomePro ZRP230 (plug-in appliance)
2 x HomePro ZDP230 (plug-in lamp module)
2 x Duwi ZW ZS 3500 (plug-in appliance)
3 x EVERSPRING AN157-6 (plug-in appliance)
1 x EVERSPRING Z-Wave Doorbell UTSE03A
1 x AEON LABS Z-Wave Multisensor (actually only the motion sensor works)

Remote control

1 x Gyration-GYR3101 
1 x Google Nexus 7 + Android Touch Orbiter (Android 4.1.2)


1 x Cisco 7970
1 x SIEMENS Gigaset S675IP
1 x Grandstream GXV3175
1 x 2N Helios IP interphone (door phone + camera)


1 x HDHomerun DVB-T
1 x D-Link DCS-7110 IP camera
2 x IP cameras AXIS M1031-W