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Hello all. My name is Valent and I live in Croatia. Have been playing with LMCE for a number of years now. I would class myself as a user due to my complete lack of any development skills, so am always keen to help in any way I can. By profession I am a Fiber Optics and Networking technician in the ISP industry. In my spare time I enjoy biking, meditating, scuba diving, OpenStreetMap mapping and various other little electronics/DIY projects. I'm Linux and Open Source evangelist and animal rights activist. Any remaining free time is spent with my extremely patient and long-suffering girlfriend with whom I live.


My current installation is based on the beta 23165 23388 23493 23563 snapshot


Main Core (Hybrid)

Nzxt lexa blue.jpg

Core (Hybrid) used for testing

  • CPU: AMD Barton Mobile 2500+
  • MB: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (nForce2 chipset)
    • Audio: Onboard nForce2 Soundstorm audio chip (not working in 0810 and disabled)
    • Network: Onboard 3Com NIC (Gigabit) for internal network
    • Network: Onboard NForce NIC for external network
  • Audio: Aureal Vortex 3D PCI
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Monitor: Philips 190V7FB 19"
    • Max Resolution 1280 x 1024 / 75 Hz
    • Max Sync Rate (V x H) 76 Hz x 83 kHz
  • VGA: Matrox Millenium G450 AGP, using UI1
  • VGA: ATI Radeon 9600 AGP
  • VGA: Nvidia GeForce 7300 AGP, Point Of View

AsRock 330 ION HT

I'll try AsRock 330 ION HT both as MD and as a Core. Then share my experience with it.

Hardware issues

Audio card onboard Asus A7N8X Deluxe by default uses snd_intel8x0 Linux module but that doesn't work at all, then I compiled nvsound driver manually [1], got module built and loaded but still no sound?!?. rperre on IRC also has same motherboard and same issue so we both decided it is best to disable this sound card in bios and install PCI audio card instead.

Smart Home Devices

ZWave devices

Security devices

Wish List

ZWave gear

Other gear

ZWave Shops

Full list of Home Automation shops can be seen on Where to Buy Wiki page, but this is my personal list:

Learning about smart home technology, LinuxMCE way

I really love smart home technology and have been thinking and dreaming about it for last 15 years. So when I saw LinuxMCE for the first time I was awe struck. I was amazed by what is possible but even more that it is possible to get involved with this project and make your own smart home. For first year or two I didn't really do much, but since late 2008, for last two years I got my hands really dirty with LinuxMCE. After lots and lots of reading I finally got my head around most of smart home technologies and protocols. Now that I hopefully know what how each of the technologies fits in greater scheme of things I can go and create a few mini projects in my flat to demo LinuxMCE and smart home technologies.

LinuxMCE learning Tasks

  • [DONE] Install LinuxMCE
  • [DONE] Get familiar with LinuxMCE Orbiter UI
  • [DONE] Buy ZWave starter kit (Dongle, wall plug and one light switch)
  • [DONE] Get LinuxMCE to control lights connected to wall plug and via light switch
  • [DONE] Buy ZWave motion and door sensor
  • [DONE] Get lights to turn on and off triggered by motion and door sensors
  • Configure advanced security and motion detection scenarios

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