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Can you post the method you used to access your Web Orbiter over the Internet?

answer: (6-15-2008) First you have to set up a proxy orbiter (i'm asuming you've done that if you already have the web orbiter working on the internal network) Now, you have to set up your external side. This can be different based on your ISP. Some ISP's block port 80 to keep people from running web servers off of their broadband connection. The next step is setting up your router/modem connected to your broadband. If your ISP blocks port 80, then you will have to use your modem/router's port forwarding feature to forward another port (just pick a number and use it) to your core. If your ISP does not block port 80, then forward port 80 on the external side to port 80 on your core. (those steps vary depending on your modem/router. Its usually known as port forwarding, but some routers call it Virtual Servers) Now, you just have to go into your web admin, and the last option on the left pane is "Outside Access" - here you can check to allow outside access over port 80, or any other port.

Now you need your WAN IP address.. The easiest way is to go to, and write it down

Now you can access your web orbiter by, for example, your_WAN_IP:80/pluto-admin/weborbiter.php

Hope this helps