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The internet provider XS4ALL (in dutch) gives it's customers 2 VoIP lines free of charge, with the option to be able to make outbound calls to phone numbers worldwide.

Before you start you need to have activated your XS4All VoIP number. As you will need the account details further on, replace <08787.....> with your own phone number and <password> with the password for that number.

Note that this procedure has been tested on 0710 Beta3, it is probably similar under 0704.

  1. Go in the web admin page (see Logging In) to Wizard > Devices > Phone Lines.
    1. Check When dialing a local number, automatically prepend the area code and specify the areacode you would like to have prepended when dialing a local number, for instance in Rotterdam 010, Amsterdam 020, etc. (this is optional).
    2. Uncheck Also prepend a digit (1 for US/Canada, 0 for Europe) (also optional).
    3. Local Number Length 7 (the default).
  2. Hit the Update button.
  3. Choose provider sipgate (try for free, pay as you go)
    1. Username <08787.....>
    2. Password <password>
    3. Phone number <08787.....>
    4. Host sip.xs4all.nl
  4. Hit the Submit button.
  5. Hit the Deactivate Automatic Configuration button, and the following Yes button.
  6. Click the click here link (next to "Manual configuration activated. To configure AMP, click")
  7. Click Trunks, and Trunk SIP/sipgate
  8. Under "Outgoing Dial Rules" change Dial Rules to (adjust the 020 to your own area prefix if you're not in Amsterdam):
    1. This will recognize 112, the emergency number.
    2. Seven digit local numbers will get 020 prepended.
    3. Long distance numbers, 10 digits starting with a zero followed by a non-zero digit.
    4. International numbers to the Netherlands get 0031 stripped and a 0 prepended instead.
    5. A nine will dial out no matter how many digits.
  1. You now can (optionally) modify other settings to your liking as well, however do NOT change the Trunk Name (leave it at the default sipgate). When done hit Submit Changes.
  2. Click Reload Required Apply Configuration Changes and Continue with reload.
  3. Go back to Wizard > Devices > Phone Lines and hit the Activate Automatic Configuration button, followed by the Yes and keep my advanced settings button.

When you see the status Registered followed by a date and time you should be able to make and receive calls.