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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 does not apply N/A Foxi352
1004 works 21/04/2012 Foxi352
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information

Embedded voice applications

In versions older than 10.04 there were some default FreePBX voice applications in our dialplans. Starting with 10.04 we removed FreePBX and added some more own configuration interfaces. The goal was to simplify end user configuration in future. While FreePBX maybe delivered more flexibility, only a small amount of users did fully understand what they did in FreePBX webadmin interface, and a lot of users killed their telecom functionality :-)

Here comes a list of current available "voice application" that can be dialed from any phone. The application can be dialed with the extension numbers contained in the titles, including the *.

*43 Echo test

When you dial the echo test extension, you here a short introduction and then you see your own video (for video calls) and hear your own audio. This gives you an impression of delay and voice quality

*60 Speaking clock

This is a standard speaking clock that you probably already know from your telco.

*65 My extension

This tells you your own extension number. Usefull if you are calling from a phone where you for some reason don't know the extension number.

*70 Incoming fax

When you receive a call to your normal phoneline, and you hear the typical fax "Beep" on the other side, you can transmit the call to the *70 extension and it will receive your fax. Of course your Email settings have to be configured correctly. If not you can nevertheless see and get your fax as PDF from the Fax page in webadmin.

*96 Music on Hold

With this application you can test and hear your MOH, Music On Hold. This are the sound tracks callers hear when you forward calls or put them on hold.

*100 Voicemailmain

Application to listen to voicemail messages and set settings for the voicemail. (works from 1404).