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With Follow Me, your settings follow you through the house. Follow Me allows your currently playing media, room lighting, telephone calls, and climate control settings to follow you effortlessly throughout the house. Any of these can be turned on and off independently, and they track each user.

Uses for Follow Me

  • Tired and want to go to bed while still watching your late night TV? Turn on Follow Me for Lights and Media. When you trigger follow me, the lights in the living room will turn off, as will your TV, while turning on the lights in your bedroom and resuming your late night TV program in the bedroom.
  • Use Follow Me climate control to efficiently control vents in your house so that air only flows where you are.
  • Telephone calls can follow you from media director, to media director, as you walk throughout the house.

How do I use Follow Me?

Follow Me can be triggered in three ways.

  • From the Floorplan of any Orbiter
  • By Pressing Follow Me on a Fiire Chief
  • By enabling it on your mobile phone.

From the Floorplan of Any Orbiter

Any orbiter, either on-screen, or hand-held, can be used to set Follow Me. Simply select the floor-plan of the type of house control you wish to follow you.

  • For Lights to turn on and off as you change rooms, use the Lights floorplan.
  • For Media to move from television or audio player from room to room, use the Media floorplan.
  • For climate changes to follow you from room to room, use the Climate floorplan.
  • For telephone calls to follow you from phone to phone throughout the house, use the telecom floorplan.

Once you have selected the desired floorplan, select the Follow button, and it will toggle to indicate that follow me is either active or inactive.

Follow Me Inactive
Follow Me Active

If you have activated follow me, you can exit the floor-plan, and change the active room on the orbiter, and the settings will "Follow" you to the destination room!

From a Fiire Chief Remote

Fiire Chief remotes have a Follow Me button. To use it, simply walk to the destination room and press the Follow Me button. It will find the nearest media director and connect to it, transferring the media being watched from the original room, to the new room, automatically!

In addition, if you have enabled Follow Me, for any other floorplans, the settings on those floorplans will also be transferred along with the media.

From a Mobile Orbiter

In order to use this feature, you must have a supported mobile phone, with bluetooth recievers on each media director, and there must be sufficient distance between media directors so as to avoid interference.

From the main menu of your mobile orbiter, you may press and momentarily hold one of the buttons for Lights, Media, Climate, Security, or Telecom, to enable Follow Me. You will see Follow Me enabled by seeing a large red F over the function you wish to have follow you. To disable, simply hold the same button momentarily to toggle it off. --Ray 19:29, 24 August 2009 (CEST)