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Usage Information

USB Remote intended for Media Center PCs

Media Center Remotes

MCEremote.jpg Media Centre Remote 2 Media Centre Remote 2 ALT MCE Remote Hauppauge version MCE Remote Hauppauge Windows Vista version
Hauppauge PVR- kit
"My" Buttons
Uses mceusb2 lircd.conf


There are two main versions of the MCE remote, typically referred to as the 'older' (Version 1) and 'newer' (Version 2) models. Both of these are now supported in the latest lirc, currently 0.8.1.

The newer remote comes in various alternatives, including different shapes and features. The new model is manufactured by Philips and half a dozen other manufacturers and is available by (among many other ways) purchase on it's own, shipped with MCE 2005 and contained in Hauppauge TV card MCE-Kits.


Version 2

  • IR Receiver is supported
    • The easiest method of installation is via the LinuxMCE Admin Website
      • Click on Media Directors
      • Scroll to the bottom of the list of configurable items for Infrared remote controls you will use and select "Windows XP MC Remote" from the drop down list which matches the Infrared Receivers you have installed, this will automatically update the lircd.conf file.
      • Reload the Router and you should be good to go.
  • IR Transmitter is supported with driver module lirc_mceusb2 version >= 0.24 (lirc-0.8.2).
  • Version 1069 (black remote) comes with a new SMK IR receiver which requires new lirc_mceusb2 (Version 1.30)

Version 1

  • IR Receiver is supported
  • IR Transmitter is not supported

Hauppauge PVR-150 Remote

The Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 MCE comes with an MCE compatible remote, as of LinuxMCE version 0710, it does not work out-of-the-box. See Alx9r's PVR-150 Remote Setup for an example of how to set this remote up.

Philips SRM 5100 MCE Remote



  1. Currently the lircd.conf file is located in the /etc/lirc/ directory which is not where the scripts are trying to update the lircd.conf file. You need to go to the /etc/lirc directory and vi hardware.conf and add /ect/lircd.conf as the location of the lircd.conf file. Then cd into /etc directory and vi lircd.conf and save a blank file, now the scripts will be able to update the lircd.conf file with the appropriate remote control data.
  2. I have newer version of Windows MCE Remote, and I can not get it to work. Please refer to the following posts for possible solutions: and

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