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Due to endless agro with my own graphics card, specifically trying to get HDMI audio through it, I thought a list of users graphics cards, along with the version of driver they use, and whether or not HDMI audio is working would be beneficial to anyone thinking of upgrading, or building a new box.

In the coming weeks I hope to populate this page with info gleaned from as many users as possible.

The following link will show the discussion thread in the forum, and it will be tabulated here. [1]

Feel free to update this page yourself if you have more info, and perhaps we could create a sub category with any fixes or fiddles you've performed to increase functionality.

I'll kick off with my own details, and update when more info is available.

GRAPHICS CARD LMCE Version Driver version HDMI Audio Yes/No
Asus GeForce GT 430 1024MB 10.04 285.05.09 KDE Yes LMCE No
ASUS AT3N7A-I 8.10/10.04 oob Yes
Zotac ION 10.04 285.05.09 Yes
AsRock ION 8.10 285.05.09 Not sure yet
Zotac IONITX-B-E 10.04 oob Yes
Intel GMA3150 - Foxconn NT435H Nettop - Pineview 10.04 oob No - Some alsa issue - SPIDF audio works - Suspect asound.conf, HDMI audio device is 7