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LinuxMCE needs an installable package, to install on workstation computers to bring LinuxMCE services to the desktop.

The Workstation Agent Includes the following:

  • An Orbiter, Which we derive from the Windows Orbiter. WINE is also installed as part of the installation process.
  • An App Server which will allow LinuxMCE to launch applications etc needed.
  • The VLC Media Player, a multi format media player, available on many platforms, for media playback, and its associated DCE device for control by LinuxMCE
  • The Workstation Agent, a DCE device which will glue together the individual pieces and provide a DCE device for the main DCE device to respond to On, Off, and Shut Down commands. * The MessageSend utility, which will be used by the various association scripts, etc, to send messages to the workstation agent, and to other devices inside the LinuxMCE house.

This part of the software is in development, and is being developed with the Qt framework (