XFX 8500GT512

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Usage Information

XFX GeForce 8500GT

Tested working great with UI2 without alpha blending. Quad Core CPU should allow for UI2 with alph blending and all functionality. For me UI2 with alpha blending works but inhibits DVD playback and Mythtv making them choppy. I am using an AMD 2.2 dual core.


   * 512 MB 
   * PCI-e
   * Fan Design


   * 1x VGA
   * 1x DVI
   * 1x S-Video

Works well with 0710 i386, requires nvidia driver update.


Once downloaded (may need regualr monitor to do this) hit CTRL+ALT+BKSPACE to kill x (Do not telinit 1!!!) If downloaded to Desktop cd /home/linuxmce/Desktop Then type "sh N" hit tab key you should have the full name of the driver then hit enter Accept the agreement then ok three times, for me letting nvidia make an xorg.conf file worked fine if you have settings already edited for your setup you will need to edit xorg.conf again to make sure linuxmce is using correct driver.