Z~Series Z-Wave USB Stick

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Usage Information
MiCasaVerde Z-Wave Dongle


This device is the same device as the Aeon Labs Z-Wave Interface and MiCasaVerde Z-Wave Dongle reported to work by multiple users Reported to work by multiple users.


This dongle is compatible with LinuxMCE, mControl, ControlThink, Vera and most other Z-Wave home automation software and hardware solutions. A part of the 'SmartHome.com.au Z~Series' range of products, it has been customised specifically for the use of Z-Wave in Australia and New Zealand.

It uses the latest Z-Wave software, 5.02 P3, with support for all the new command classes, and supports both high speed (4x 40kbps) and standard speed Z-Wave devices.


Australian Z-Wave USB stick

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