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**Setup and AV Wizard
**Setup and AV Wizard
**Web Admin
**Web Admin
*Review of other topics as they arrise
*Review of other topics as they arrise

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  • Agenda
    • It is expected that meeting participants will be familiar with this agenda and the resources it links to
    • Any one may add to the agenda - just put your name next to the topic
  • Time and Place
    • This meeting will be held on IRC.
    • Date: Wednesday, April 15
    • Time: 2PM GMT (4PM Berlin, 10AM New York, 7AM Los Angeles)
    • Duration: 1.5 hour maximum
    • Server: irc.freenode.net
    • Channel: #linuxmce-devel


0810 Progress Review

  • Status review of each component (including review of defects marked at least major, or of special interest)
    • DCERouter
    • Orbiter
    • Media Playing
    • Xine
    • MPlayer
    • MythTV
    • VDR
    • Lighting,Climate
    • Setup and AV Wizard
    • Web Admin
    • Security
    • Telephony
  • Review of other topics as they arrise

0810 Short Term Goals

  • Defects to address
  • Features to implement

0810 Release Scheduling

  • Should 0810 have a "formal" release schedule?
  • 0810 Update release schedule (jondecker76)
    • Discuss update scheduling for after 0810 is released, as well as the frequency of the updates.
    • Maybe a planned monthly build (similar to how we do the weekly's now) for bugfixes/feature enhancements wouldn't be a bad idea.

High Level Design Discussions

  • Discuss possibility of running our own new_install script on www.linuxmce.org and assigning our own installation ID's - (jondecker76)
    • Who knows if and/or when plutohome.com will disappear along with the script that is currently used.
    • Since we are our own entity at this point and very active in changing the direction of LMCE, I'd also like to see us start all over with installation ID #1 starting with 0810.
    • This will cleanly separate us from pluto and provide insurance that we can continue to assign new installation ID's in the future (especially important once linking installations is possible).
    • Old pluto installation ID's can be re-assigned for upgrades from 0710 with a post-upgrade script.
    • This change can be made in a matter of an hour.

Procedural Changes

  • Discuss efforts to improve defect tracking methods (jimbodude)
    • Discuss ways to make sure all defects are reported
    • Discuss ways to make sure all reported defects are addressed in a timely manner
    • Consider re-working current work into LinuxMCE/Trac specific policy
  • Discuss effectiveness of future meetings
    • Decide whether to have more
    • Discuss meeting frequency
    • Voice chat? - (Cylon7)
    • Schedule next meeting