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This meeting will be held on IRC.

  • Post your availability here if interested in this meeting
  • Date: TBD
  • Time: TBD
  • Duration: TBD
  • Server: irc.freenode.net
  • Channel: TBD


0810 Progress Review

  • Status review of each component (including review of defects marked at least major, or of special interest)
    • DCERouter
    • Orbiter
    • Media Playing
    • Xine
    • MPlayer
    • MythTV
    • VDR
    • Lighting,Climate
    • Setup and AV Wizard
    • Web Admin
  • Review of other topics as they arrise

0810 Short Term Goals

0810 Release Scheduling

jondecker76 - we should also discuss update scheduling for after 0810 is released, as well as the frequency of the updates. Maybe a planned monthly build (similar to how we do the weekly's now) for bugfixes/feature enhancements wouldn't be a bad idea.

Review of Outstanding Defects

High Level Design Discussions

jondecker76 - Discuss possibility of running our own new_install script on www.linuxmce.org and assigning our own installation ID's (who knows if and/or when plutohome.com will disappear along with the script that is currently used). Since we are our own entity at this point and very active in changing the direction of LMCE, I'd also like to see us start all over with installtion ID #1 starting with 0810. This will cleanly separate us from pluto and provide insurance that we can continue to assign new installation ID's in the future (especially important once linking installations is possible). Old pluto installation ID's can be re-assigned for upgrades from 0710 with a post-upgrade script. This change can be made in a matter of an hour.