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Meeting chair: jimbodude

Minutes prepared by: jimbodude


  • colinjones
  • dlewis
  • hari
  • jimbodude
  • tkmedia
  • totallymaxed
  • Zaerc

Topics and Discussion

  • Several bug reports were covered
    • Nothing conclusive came out of the discussion
    • About 3 bug tickets in, focus was shifted to the next agenda items to keep interest
  • Standardized testing procedures (presented by hari)
    • Goal: locate all bugs in a systematic way
    • Method:
      1. Develop standardized tests for each component (DCERouter, Web Admin, Orbiter, etc...)
      2. Assign 2+ people to each component
      3. Run tests over 2-3 days
      4. Combine results, create new tickets
    • If other test procedures are already available, use those to augment
    • No one has taken direct responsibility for these tasks. jimbodude has taken responsibility to see that something happens.
  • Release Scheduling
    • Goal: focus development efforts in key areas on a flexible, but documented, schedule such that important issues are not overlooked for long periods of time.
    • Method:
      1. Find things that don't work
      2. Assign them to a milestone
      3. Pick a date for each milestone's completion
    • Things that are broken or need attention: (in no particular order)
      • MD booting
      • KDE Desktop on MD
      • Getting back to Orbiter from KDE
      • the desktop is incorrectly sized on TV's at HD resolutions
      • login problem on MD
      • Auto detect of USBUIRT
      • ir codes in sqlcvs
      • serial detection
      • cisco 7070 wrong room problem
      • making more devices PnP
      • work on upgrading telecom
      • issue with the sony changer
    • No one has taken responsibility for these tasks
  • Update scheduling discussion is deferred until there is a release schedule
  • Installation number generation design discussion is deferred in the interest of time and higher priority issues
  • Defect Tracking
    • Goal: Improve defect tracking in order to:
      • Communicate issues to a team that is distributed
      • Bring attention to issues that may otherwise be ignored
      • Focus developer efforts on key tasks
      • Assist in release scheduling
    • Method: Encourage testers to submit bug reports. Draft a defect reporting policy specific to LinuxMCE
    • A LinuxMCE policy will be presented at the next meeting for discussion
    • jimbodude had taken responsibility for these tasks
  • Future Meetings
    • This meeting was helpful - future meetings are expected to be just as useful, and should be scheduled
    • Since the topics at this meeting require significant follow-up work the next meeting will be in one week
    • Meetings thereafter may be weekly or bi-weekly - this decision is deferred to the next meeting
    • jimbodude has taken responsibility for creating an agenda for the next meeting
    • No one has taken responsibility for scheduling the next meeting