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Meeting chair: jimbodude

Minutes prepared by: jimbodude


Active participants

  • dlewis
  • jimbodude
  • jondecker76
  • possy
  • tkmedia
  • totallymaxed
  • Zaerc

Topics and Discussion

  • Meeting began at 10:04 EDT
  • The agenda from the previous meeting were informally accepted
  • Creation of a standardized testing methodology has been deferred until after the 0810 release
  • A formal 0810 release date was not chosen
    • This release will have many blockers and pitfalls
    • The discussion of a formal release date is deferred until 0810 Beta release
  • The Bug Reporting article will be made more LinuxMCE specific by jimbodude
  • possy is managing release milestones - no major news there
  • Critical defects
    • IR/GSD Bugs
      • jondecker76 is working on these
    • MythTV instability (Trac #195)
      • Causes are being investigated by jondecker76
  • Critical outstanding features
    • Re-enable Remote Assistance
    • Create a deb package for Orbiter
    • DVD Installer
      • It was decided that this feature is a blocker for beta - mostly because of the need to test thoroughly before release
      • The current DVD installer method, which involves VMWare, is not acceptable for 0810
      • A new method using packages cached on DVD should be created
      • totallymaxed will be heading up this effort
  • PVR Recording File Structure
    • All recordings (MythTV or VDR) will be stored in /home/public/data/pvr - the usual symlinks will be created for each storage device
    • MythTV will have storage groups for each user's directory (including 'public') on each storage device
    • jondecker76 is heading up this effort
  • LinuxMCE-specific Installation Numbers
    • Currently, installation numbers are generated by a script running on Pluto's website
    • A new installation number generation script will be created and run from a server controlled by LinuxMCE
    • New installation numbers will be assigned starting at "1000000"
  • LinuxMCE 501c3 Status
    • After a few additional signatures, the form will be sent for filing
    • 'dlewis and TCSHAK are following up with this
  • LinuxFund
    • In order to be considered, we must pick focus areas
      • Orbiter alternatives
      • Media Plug-in debugging/improvements
    • dlewis will follow up with this
  • Google Summer of Code
    • dlewis will look into getting LinuxMCE on the list for next summer
  • Future meeting scheduling
    • A mailing list will be created to facilitate asynchronous communication
    • This will help in both meeting scheduling and general communication
    • Contact jimbodude on the forum, IRC, or by wiki-e-mail with your e-mail address if you want to be on it
  • Meeting ended at 11:48 EDT