AVWizard Description Language

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Every screen will be stored in a file with SDF or XML extension: SDF = Screen Definition Page.

Every event called to a parent control, will be called to the children. Events will be parsed by control and if the event is not known, there should be no suitable code, else will call the default action.

Saving informations, set up the wizard defaults.

Control definition is over one SettingsDictionary means that one control has: Name: String Type: String Attributes which are pears of Name and Value (both String types).

See AVWizard script based user callable events for possible actions that may call one event.

Every ListBox and Button will be saved to the next page in a list of stored options. Stored informations are next: Page/Control/Option

At $next event, every control will be saved, and at the $previous command every control with current page will be removed.

Command parsing

The command parsing is a stack, which calls a command and removes the command after.

The command: $generate_event push commands in pending state.

Exceptional cases: Following commands will destroy the stack: $next; $previous; CurrentControl.OnClose The next coomand destroys the screen, which cleans up the all commands.