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== Add a new page==
== Add a new page==
To add a new page, create a new URL like this:
To add a new page, just type in a new URL into your browser like this:
: ''<nowiki>http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Name of the page you want to add</nowiki>''
: ''<nowiki>http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Name of the page you want to add</nowiki>''

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This wiki is community driven. If you don't add information about the hardware with which you have experience, there is little chance that somebody else is going to do it (unless they happen to have the same device). Please don't be shy about adding a wiki page to this guide -- we really need your help! If a page already exists, feel free to add your experiences to the page.

Add a new page

To add a new page, just type in a new URL into your browser like this:

http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Name of the page you want to add

The preferred URL naming convention for hardware, for example, is:

http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Manufacturer Model-Type-Etcetera

The URL of this page is:


The wiki will replace any spaces with underscores automatically. Simply go to this URL with your browser and start editing the newly created webpage.

Categorize your new page

To categorize your new page, add tags like these at the top:

[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Mainboards]]

That way the page will automatically be listed in these categories, making it easier to find. See: Special:Categories for a list of all available categories. Also check out subcategories, such as the subcategories of the Hardware category, to find the appropriate subcategory.

Add content

Add anything you feel is relevant. See Editing help for some tips and examples on the markup you can use.

Add hyperlinks ('wikification')

  • For links to Categories, use the format [[:Category: Hardware]].
  • To use the actual text of a hyperlink, use this format: [[Actual Name of Webpage]], which will be displayed as Actual Name of Webpage.
  • To use alternate text for the hyperlink, use this format: [[Actual_Name_of_webpage|What I Want It to Say]], which will be displayed as

What I Want It to Say.

Move the Table of Contents to the right

Whenever you have more than four subdivisions in a page, a Table of Contents is automatically added. It you would like this table of contents to be moved to the right side of the screen (at the top), add the following code to the top of your web page:

{| align="right"
  | __TOC__

A passage from Alice In Wonderland

From Through the Looking Glass, by Lewis Carroll:

'The horror of that moment,' the King went on, 'I shall never, never forget!'

'You will, though,' the Queen said, 'if you don't make a memorandum of it.'

Alice looked on with great interest as the King took an enormous memorandum-book out of his pocket, and began writing. A sudden thought struck her, and she took hold of the end of the pencil, which came some way over his shoulder, and began writing for him.

The poor King look puzzled and unhappy, and struggled with the pencil for some time without saying anything; but Alice was too strong for him, and at last he panted out, 'My dear! I really must get a thinner pencil. I can't manage this one a bit; it writes all manner of things that I don't intend -- '