Adding Xine subtitle fonts

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Adding Xine subtitle fonts.

If your subtitles are unreadable, chances are you are missing some fonts in your xine-fonts directory. In LMCE, due to the fact that xine is embedded inside LMCE, you need to add the fonts to a differant directory then usuall.

Here's how you do it

* Note that the fonts you add need to be "xine-fonts". A little googeling will tell you exactly what they are and how to get them...

For the regular xine player in the KDE-Desktop, put the fonts in: /usr/share/xine/libxine1/fonts Then under options change the font name to the one you just installed and don't forget to set the correct encoding.

For LMCE embedded xine put the fonts in: /opt/libxine/share/xine/libxine1/fonts

Then edit /etc/pluto/xine.conf as follows:

¨#subtitles.separate.font:sans¨ change to: ¨subtitles.separate.font:<name of the installed font>¨

¨#subtitles.separate.src_encoding:iso-8859-1¨ change to: ¨subtitles.separate.src_encoding:<the correct encoding>¨

* Note that I uncommented the lines to make them active