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This wiki is community driven, which means that if you don't add the hardware that you have experience with yourself, there is little chance that somebody else is going to do it for you (unless they happen to have the same device of course). Please don't be shy eventhough it can be a bit intimidating at first, we really need your help! If it is already there feel free to add any experience you have to the page. Hopefully this information will help you get started.


To add a new page you can just make up a new url, like this: of the page you want to add (the wiki will replace spaces with underscores automaticly) go there and then edit it. The preferred naming convention for hardware is: "Manufacturer Model-Type-Etcetera".

To categorize your new page you can add tags like these at the top (for example a motherboard):

[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Mainboards]]

That way the page will automaticly be listed in these categories, and make it easier to find. See: Special:Categories for a list of all available categories (these are not all hardware related), or look through the subcategories of the Hardware category to find as many appropriate ones as you'd like (the more the merrier).

And below that you can put anything you feel is relevant. See Editing help for some tips and examples on the markup you can use.