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Adjusting The Font Size

In some cases, it may be necessary to adjust the font size for the on-screen orbiter. These instructions allow you to change that font size, but please be careful when using phpmyadmin as it can create serious issues if mistakes are made. That being said, you will need phpMyadmin installed. Instructions found at

Changing the Fonts

user=root no pass.
  • Choose db pluto main.
  • Still on the left side pick table style variations
  • Choose browse and you will be presented the font settings.
  • Make your changes, then make sure to completely regen the orbiter using the webadmin.
  • Done


  • To see all defined fonts just run following query:
SELECT PK_StyleVariation, Font, PixelHeight, Description FROM Style a INNER JOIN StyleVariation b ON a.PK_Style=b.FK_Style;
  • To increase font size on the right panel in the UI2 audio/video/photos grid run that query:
  UPDATE StyleVariation SET PixelHeight=65 WHERE PK_StyleVariation IN(1,22);

Thanks to Itsik for providing the instructions.