Alx9r's PVR-150 Remote Setup

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Alx9r's Sample Setup
System Diagram

The key codes for the Hauppauge remote that came packaged with my WinTV-PVR-150 MCE are not the same as a Windows MCE Remote, even though it looks very much like one. I had to add support for it manually by following the add support for new remote controls instructions.

I attempted to share my IR codes for this remote. The device template is called "PVR-150 remote (USBUIRT)". Hopefully it will be included in the next LinuxMCE release. If it is not included, you can follow the manual instructions that I did and use these key codes that I captured so you don't have to go through the capture steps yourself.

power  170000870FC0 1500003F0FC0 
stop 1300000F3FFC 170000F80FC0 
record 150000383FFC 170000F80FC0 
pause 150000303EFC 170000D00FC0 
play 130000093FFC 150000390FC0 
rewind 1300000F3EFC 150000370FC0 
fastforward 1300000B3FFC 1500003B0FC0 
skipback 1300000F37FC 1500003F0DC0 
skipfwd 150000212DFC 170000A10BC0 
back 170000802DFC 190002400BC0 
up 1300000B2EFC 150000330BC0 
left 1300000F2EFC 150000370BC0 
ok 1300000D37FC 1500003D0DC0 
right 150000382EFC 170000D80BC0 
down 130000092EFC 150000310BC0 
volup 150000302FFC 170000F00BC0 
voldn 150000322FFC 170000F20BC0 
chup 1500002036FC 170000C00DC0 
chdown 1500002236FC 170000C20DC0 
mute 170000A029FC 190002500AC0 
menu 1500002F29FC 170000AF0AC0 
1 1700008228FC 190002010AC0 
2 1500002328FC 170000830AC0 
3 1700008A28FC 190002050AC0 
4 1500002F28FC 1700008F0AC0 
5 1500002D28FC 1700008D0AC0 
6 1500002B28FC 1700008B0AC0 
7 170000A828FC 190002140AC0 
8 1500003C29FC 170000BC0AC0 
9 1500003E29FC 170000BE0AC0 
0 1700008028FC 190002000AC0 
red 1500003629FC 170000B60AC0 
green 1300000933FC 150000390CC0 
yellow 150000343CFC 170000940FC0 
blue 1300000E31FC 1500002E0CC0 
tv 150000252DFC 170000A50BC0 
videos 150000342DFC 170000B40BC0 
music 150000362DFC 170000B60BC0 
pictures 1300000E2DFC 1500002E0BC0 
guide 1500003E2DFC 170000BE0BC0 
radio 1500002D29FC 170000AD0AC0 
previouschannel 1300000F2FFC 1500003F0BC0 
go 1500003E3CFC 1700009E0FC0

Alx9r's Sample Setup
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