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LinuxMCE Orbiter for Android

This wiki page serves 2 purposes: To serve as an intermediate install guide for the Android LinuxMCE Orbiter, and to serve as a point of reference for future developers.


The Android orbiter is the result of a very tricky process. We utilize the LinuxMCE libraries, qt libraries, and wrap them inside java for execution on the Android device. Besides using vanilla Qt Creator, we also utilize Neccesitas, a cross platform compiler that takes the Native c++ and wraps it for executing inside the Android JNI


Please note, you will need 50mb of storage space on the devices internal storage. NOT the sd card. You will also need to install via wifi!!

QOrbiter is now installed!


You will need to prepare for the addition of the device to your system before it can be used by following these steps.

  • Create a new QOrbiter device as a child of the core. MAKE SURE to set the default user and location. Make a note of the device number
  • Quick Reload the router when asked.
  • Generate the orbiter config by visiting this page http://<you-core-address>/lmce-admin/qOrbiterGenerator.php?d=<the-device-number>

Now you will need to decide on a skin. Eventually, this will be a cleaner process. For the moment, it isnt :) All skins live on the core and will be accessible from http://<your-route-ip>/lmce-admin/skins The following instructions are for the core machine.

All skins need a skins directory:

mkdir -p /var/www/lmce-admin/skins


You will need to checkout the skin using subversion.

svn co /var/www/lmce-admin/skins

This will download the skins to the proper location.


You will need to download the skin from its current home, and unzip it into the proper directory.

unzip -d /var/www/lmce-admin/skins/android/phone/

Now your tablet skin is installed.

Running the device

  • Assuming the previous steps were completed, you can now connect.
  • The default ip it connects to is
  • Enter the device number you previously made note of for the device number
  • If your core address is not standard, it will hang. you can kill the device and edit the config.xml at the location listed below.

The configuration file is located on the SDCard under /LinuxMCE