Automatically take pictures when sensors are disturbed

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The overall process of setting up a security system, explained in Arm or disarm the alarm using the Orbitersmust be completed prior to implementing the following steps:

  • In LinuxMCE admin, choose wizard, security, security video links. Here is a matrix of all the security sensors and surveillance cameras.
  • Check the boxes to indicate which cameras can view areas monitored by which sensors.
  • Whenever one of those sensors is triggered, whether or not that actually results in a security breach or notification, LinuxMCE will take a snapshot from those cameras at the moment the sensors are triggered.
You can view this in LinuxMCE admin choosing security, alert logs. If the sensor does result in notifying you on your mobile phone, then LinuxMCE will send you a copy of the picture that it took at the time the sensors were triggered.