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Usage Information

Also see: Home Automation Category

LinuxMCE can perform home automation including light and climate control, control of plug sockets and even sprinkler systems. Below are several home automation protocols that have been tested with LinuxMCE.

Automation Lights Appliances Thermostats Irrigation
Z-Wave Z-Wave Hardware Installation Z-Wave LinuxMCE Configuration Z-Wave Troubleshooting
DMX Getting Started With DMX not implemented not available not available
EIB/KNX EIB/KNX Hardware Installation EIB/KNX LinuxMCE Configuration EIB/KNX Troubleshooting
Philips Hue implemented - not fully pnp not implemented not available not available
X10 X10 Hardware Installation X10 LinuxMCE Configuration X10 Troubleshooting
Insteon Insteon Hardware Installation Insteon - Setting Up PLM Template Insteon Troubleshooting
1-Wire 1-Wire Hardware Installation 1-Wire - Setting Up 1-Wire in LinuxMCE 1-Wire Troubleshooting
PLCBUS PLCBUS Hardware Installation PLCBUS LinuxMCE Configuration PLCBUS Troubleshooting
Tellstick (433mhz) Tellstick Hardware Installation Tellstick LinuxMCE Configuration Tellstick Troubleshooting