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Backup and Restore process

You can back-up your system and later restore it to that earlier configuration. The process works by saving a file and then later restore it. That file contains icons for users, rooms, scenarios and floor plans, devices list and settings for each; which are restored using a database dump.

How it works

Using web-admin site go to the Upper menu > Configuration > Backups To create a restore point you have to press 'Backup' and then save the file somewhere safe. Remember: download the backup and save it to another pc. Don't let it on your Linux MCE machine because you'll lose it. Later after reinstalling the system or in case of failure you can restore the system to that previous state.

Use 'Browse' button to locate the backup file and then press 'Restore'.

At this time there is a note what tells me that I have to reboot the system i order to install my configuration. 'Backup file uploaded, please reboot the machine and be patient, since it will take longer than a normal reboot.'

Reboot the machine and wait for the whole process to finish. After the interface loads you should see your icons and floor plans.

I used the restore successfully from a Pluto to a LINUX MCE 1.1. What it didn't restore was the bookmarks created for media and the play lists.

The restore from LINUX MCE 1.0 to LINUX MCE 1.1 was not complete. I have all the devices working but it didn't restore my icons for users, rooms and floor plans; and neither the bookmarks and play lists.

If you use for Pluto or Linux MCE 1.0 internal network address and you later installed Linux MCE 1.1 with you don't need to do anything else.
If you use on internal network an address not like, (i.e. you need to go to Upper menu > Advanced > Network > Settings and hit 'update' button. I installed Pluto and Linux MCE 1.0 with but I used instead when I installed the Linux MCE 1.1 and I got TFTP timeout when booting the media directors.