Bluetooth USB Adapter

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Usage Information

This Bluetooth Dongle is Bluetooth V2.0, Class 1 and 2 compliant and has a range of 100 meters. This USB 2.0 device (backward compatible to USB 1.1) has a maximum data transfer rate of 5Mb per second.

Product Specification

· Bluetooth v2.0, class 1 and 2 compliant - 100m range

· 5Mb maximum data rate

· Supports Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Linux

· Great for transferring those files from your Bluetooth phone or PDA

· Six month warranty

Comes in a package containing:

1 x Bluetooth Dongle

1 x Driver CD


Some issues with the device mean it detects phones but cannot install and work with mobile phone orbiters

Bluetooth USB Adapter Manufacturers Website