Building Orbiter for the Nokia 770

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These are the instructions to build a version of Orbiter for the Nokia 770 internet platform. Nokia 770 has an ARM family processor, therefore you will need to cross-compile if your build machine is an Intel.



You will need:


Preparing the Nokia tablet

  1. Make sure it is connected to the network - check the Connection manager for a WiFi connection
  2. Open an X terminal on the tablet; make a directory in your home dir to hold the Orbiter binaries, say /home/user/orbiter
  3. You'll need a way to transfer files from the build machine to the tablet. Either have an HTTP server somewhere on your network, or install OpenSSH on the tablet. If you install OpenSSH, remember to also start it, by doing /etc/init.d/ssh start. To get a root prompt, use sudo gainroot.

Preparing the build machine

  1. Install Scratchbox debs on the build machine
  2. Add yourself as a Scratchbox user: /scratchbox/sbin/sbox_adduser username
  3. Check out a fresh working copy of LinuxMCE from into /scratchbox/users/username/pluto/trunk/src (username is assumed to be your user name on the build machine)
  4. Copy or symlink the Maemo SDK into /scratchbox/packages
  5. Log in to Scratchbox by typing scratchbox
  6. Configure Scratchbox cross-compile target:
> sbox-config -ct Nokia770

Available compilers:
       0) arm-linux-gcc-3.3_3.3.4-glibc-2.3.2.ds1
       1) host-gcc
       2) i686-linux-gcc-3.3_3.3.4-glibc-2.3.2.ds1

Enter compiler number: 0

Available CPU-transparency methods:

Enter method name (qemu-arm): qemu-arm

Available devkits:

Enter list of devkit names (none): debian
  1. Select the new cross-compile target: sbox-config -st Nokia770
  2. Unpack the Maemo rootstrap: sbox-config -er /scratchbox/packages/Maemo_Dev_Platform_RS_v1.1_arm.tgz
  3. sbox-config -cc
  4. sbox-config -cf
  5. Update the package list inside Scratchbox by typing apt-get update
  6. Install the following build-time dependencies (with apt-get install)
    • libmysqlclient12-dev
    • libid3-dev
    • xlibmesa-gl-dev
  7. Before starting to compile Orbiter and its dependencies, type: export SNR_CPPFLAGS="-DMAEMO_NOKIA770"

Building Orbiter

  1. While inside Scratchbox, go into /pluto/trunk/src/SerializeClass and type make
  2. Go into /pluto/trunk/src/PlutoUtils and type make
  3. Go into /pluto/trunk/src/DCE and type make
  4. Go into /pluto/trunk/src/SDL_Helpers and type make
  5. Go into /pluto/trunk/src/Orbiter and type make bin
  6. After a while, the following files will result in /pluto/trunk/src
    • lib/
    • lib/
    • lib/
    • lib/
    • bin/Orbiter
  7. Copy these files over to the tablet, in /home/user/orbiter
  8. Don't forget strip Orbiter binaries to save space:
    • strip lib/*
    • strip bin/*

Running Orbiter

In an X terminal On the tablet itself (NOT via ssh) do this:

cd /home/user/orbiter
./Orbiter -r -d yy -l orbiter.log

where is the IP address of the DCE Router, and yy is the device number assigned to your new Orbiter.

If it complains about missing .so files, copy them over from your Scratchbox on the build machine into /home/user/orbiter on the tablet.

Notice: you need true type fonts on your Nokia770. The orbiter searches them here - /usr/share/truetype/msttcorefonts. Just copy this directory from your core to Nokia770 (the Ubuntu package for Nokia is coming soon).

Building Ubuntu packages

  1. Dependencies can be found here
  2. The latest Orbiter binaries get here
  3. Orbiter package - Coming soon

External references