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'''Top''' : '''''Integer'''''
'''Top''' : '''''Integer'''''

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Top : Integer

ListBox's Top coordinate.

Left : Integer

If that page is the first page in the wizard, that is the specified height that display screen (or wizard) will run.

Width : Integer

It is ignored, may be text size or picture size, depends of what Expand property is set.

Height : Integer

It is ignored, it has the maximum from heights of PictureLeft and PictureRight images.

Caption : String

That property will specify the button's text.

Expands : Boolean

If that property is true, the button will have the size of text + left and right picture size. If that property is false, the size of button will be Width and Height. Note: The align of the button is CENTER which means that will extends how long is the background picture or the text (depends of Expands property)