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(PowerFile and Ripping support:)
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=== PowerFile and Ripping support: ===
=== PowerFile and Ripping support: ===
* added disc management for jukebox
* Added disc management for jukebox
* Added drive management
* Added drive management
* change pending tasks so non-plugin devices can have pending tasks, as needed for the jukebox ripping and identification  
* Change pending tasks so non-plugin devices can have pending tasks, as needed for the jukebox ripping and identification  
* add threadedclass to multithreadincludes and start moving ripping from media plugin to disk drive  
* Add threadedclass to multithreadincludes and start moving ripping from media plugin to disk drive  
* Fixed ripping  
* Fixed ripping  
* Fix unknown disc bulk ripping
* Fix unknown disc bulk ripping

Revision as of 20:25, 6 August 2007

Changelog since LinuxMCE 1.0

PowerFile and Ripping support:

  • Added disc management for jukebox
  • Added drive management
  • Change pending tasks so non-plugin devices can have pending tasks, as needed for the jukebox ripping and identification
  • Add threadedclass to multithreadincludes and start moving ripping from media plugin to disk drive
  • Fixed ripping
  • Fix unknown disc bulk ripping

Media (Xine Player, Media Plugin, Update Media):

  • added media plugin retransmit on/off
  • Fix media plugin retransmit ir codes with no media playing
  • Fix eject problem
  • Add event PlaybackStarted
  • Add zoom & aspect ratio
  • Supporting to play 2nd stream when 1st is broadcasting (actually when more than 1 is broadcasting)
  • Added audio db capability
  • Check out only need directories or to save disk space and speed up the process
  • Improved usage of resources for Update Media
  • Patch in UpdateMedia to work correctly with both mysql 5.0.24a and mysql 4.0.24
  • Add stream id to all media commands

Orbiters and GUI

  • Added Orbiter for MotoQ skeleton project
  • Changes for Orbiter Smartphone 2005 using wifi
  • Few more fixes for Orbiter ARMV4I
  • Fixed "white screen" issue in OrbiterGL
  • Cleanup in MeshFrame, MeshPainter, OpenGLGraphic, ObjectRenderer_OpenGL
  • Fixed warnings in OrbiterGL; OrbiterGL project will treat warnings as errors
  • Changes to compile with VS2005/Windows Mobile 2005 SDK
  • Added Cleanup method to OpenGLGraphic class
  • Fixed issue with previous cover art being visible for a movie with no cover art; this should also fix the icons issue from channels
  • Fixed crash in OrbiterGL : specify if in RemoveChild you want to delete the frame automatically or not
  • Fixed/disabled warnings in DCE. DCE project will treat warnings as errors. Tweaks in OrbiterGL : it won't repaint the screen if it's about to close
  • Don't render the screen anymore if orbiter is quiting. This should speed up Orbiter to close
  • Use SharedDesktop variable to use different Orbiter starting mechanism (defaults to dedicated desktop, for backwards compatibility)
  • When pressing F7 in VW, got the "wizard done" screen
  • Move orbiter's window to 0,0 after removing the window decorations
  • No "Start AVWizard" or "Start Video Wizard" buttons under WIN32/WINCE
  • Show pictures for recorded tv shows
  • Added StatusOnLCD application
  • If media has no chapters, doing jump +/- # of 'chapters' * 30 seconds
  • Added "None" button to tv, receiver and other a/v devices
  • Spelling corrected
  • Switching screen saver off before starting playback

Installer and system setup:

  • Added 2 new steps and a list of ubuntu mirrors. From one of the added steps you can choose a mirror and on the other step you can select the desired UI to use
  • Kill NetworkManager as it interfears with our networking stuff. 2) Also disable kdm on a dedicated system
  • Adding Kubuntu Cache cd script
  • Add step for installing libdvdcss
  • Disabled option to install lmce from internet
  • First mirrors in sources.list will be our mirrors
  • Install nvidia driver from the cache cd
  • LMCE logo
  • Fix for broken network when installing packages
  • Restart after installing the nvidia driver
  • Globally make xfwm4 the default WM
  • mce-installer-CheckSystem.sh : script for checking packages before installing
  • Check System Step
  • Install nvidia drivers on diskless md first boot if they are needed
  • Add the new UbuntuLiveCD step
  • Install kubuntu-desktop in diskless image
  • Enables/Disables composite extension at install time based on user's choise of UI version
  • Moved Startup_DiskedMD from event.d to rc2
  • Prevent kdm from starting at boot on diskless MDs
  • Install video wizard videos on first boot
  • Install nvidia glx before starting avwizard if we're running on a nvidia based system
  • 'installation complete' message; show disk size next to device name
  • Setup dhcp and the firewall at first boot


  • Fix pnp of pvr usb
  • Add setup for pvr usb2
  • Add support for pvrusb2 capture cards
  • Small fix to disable inactive cards on errors douring detection
  • Add onkyo/pioneer pnp
  • HAL changes for serial category, it is using readlink instead of HAL tree to detect the relationship between the leaves
  • Hdhome run firmware
  • Plug and play handle disabling devices that are not detected at boot
  • Powerfile (ieee1394) support

Audio Video Wizard

  • Fixed X display for AVWizard
  • Added ability to toggle on the fly composite, masking or fullscreen/windowed mode using keys
  • start AVWizard in runlevel 2
  • AVWizard on diskless (no kdm, no startup scripts in rc2)
  • Made AVWizard running under Windows
  • Beep on remote connect
  • Updated the resolutions
  • Added support for tv standard
  • Allow non-60hz DFP modes
  • Removed TV standard heuristics
  • Reduced lower value for horizontal sync range
  • Default to 60hz from Wizard, not from script
  • Changed DVI label
  • Added refresh rate tollerance of +/- 1 Hz
  • Get usb uirt working with av wizard


  • Fix myth query
  • Some tweaks to the myth process to start it with app server, and to change the locking startup for myth plugin
  • Set root user to mythtv group
  • Redo the tv bookmarking
  • Add root user to mythtv group for mds

General Improvements

  • Added LogLevels to pluto.conf
  • If pluto.conf has no LogLevels entry, add: LogLevels = 1,5,7,8
  • ZWave support for BOCA dongles
  • Make the progress bar pulsate while installing
  • Modifications related to crontab
  • Command sequence for repacking ivtv-firmware
  • Modified to run with feisty
  • Enable swap partitions when you find them
  • Dinamiclay add USE_HTTP_FETCHER since feisty misses it
  • Use simple xorg.conf for startup progress when run on a dedicated system
  • Added CurrentDesktop method to wmctrl
  • Add PC Desktop command
  • Separated NIS setup script; Updated NIS setup script to take DHCP into account and permit access from the external interface's IP; Updated DHCP client hooks to use new NIS setup script
  • Remove Install LinuxMCE icon after LinuxMCE was installed
  • Remove progress bar when copying files
  • Added logging for desktop management
  • Setup apt conf file for disked md
  • Enable shared desktop on disked media directors
  • Respawn lmce_launch_manager and X11 on Diskless MDs
  • Added script to start KDE on demand
  • Notify updates script
  • Change firefox setting to avoid the popup that asks about 'restore session', instead of removing the cache every time
  • Telecom changes which includes the timeout for ring extesions and some fixes
  • Add Setup_UI function to set the right UI, not UI1 every time
  • Automatically create md's
  • Added new device template: Launch Manager
  • Apply Update wrapper
  • Save volume level when setting absolute value
  • Finished remote assistance stuff
  • New Update Mechanism, helper script
  • Run the Apply Update in the boot seq
  • Demonize LMCEUpdate_DownloadXML.sh so it won't get killed by cro
  • Change 'Apply updates ? Yes/No' question to 'Apply updates? Yes/No/Later'
  • Implement fallback for updates
  • Add haltMDs event at reboot and shutdown
  • Remove adept notifier
  • Replace with the ip address of the asterisk server
  • Remove xorg.conf from the diskless image so avwizard can rebuild it from scratch
  • Restart kdm in the background so it doesn't get killed when KDE exits
  • Add raid devices as storage options
  • You are able to call an external number then you can make a conference (or transfer) with another phone from your installation
  • Hide "KDE desktop" button under Win32/WinCE
  • Corrected partition size calculation
  • Add cp sources.list from hybrid to mds when creating them
  • Put sample.mpg in the right place for UIdiag to play on diskless MD
  • Use gray as background color for rooms with MD cells instead of black
  • Report machine off on disked MD shutdown sequence
  • Shortcut for the Kubuntu desktop
  • When dcerouter does a reload it notifies all the devices
  • Added logging to add software
  • Smbfs instead of cifs

Other Fixes

  • Fixed leak in SendMessage / xml format
  • Fixed bug in DCE (HandleRequestSocket thread exiting without resettings m_bRunning variable)
  • Fixed crash in Orbiter : on replaced handle, orbiter will exit gracefully
  • Fixed crash OrbiterRenderer_OpenGL::DestroyGraphic
  • Fixed script to return either 0 or 10, as expected by LaunchRemoteCommand.sh
  • Fixed windows binaries
  • Xorg can run more than once when orbiter restarts
  • Small fix for Disk_Drive coredump
  • Fixed crash in DCERouter's ExecuteCommandGroup
  • Fix 'Low disk space' bug
  • Fix Backup / Restore (from 44, 1.0 to 1.1)
  • Fix disked hostname
  • Fix for grandstream configuration file and it avoids hanging forever
  • Fix broken epg guide
  • Fix the samba share detection
  • Fixes for hangup
  • Fixed UIdiag to exit when ESCAPE key is press, not just for any key. This way we won't receive dummy keys for xine and quit for nothing
  • Fix OrbiterGen bug
  • Fix issue with pnp and camera crash in lighting plugin show
  • Fix for SpeedDial Datagrid from speed dial screen
  • Fixed bug: If disk is remove from pluto-admin, in reality it's still in the raid