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Changelog since LinuxMCE 1.0

LinuxMCE 0704 for Kubuntu Feisty is a significant change over 1.0. The number of users reporting a successful installation is now 86% vs. 27% with version 1.0. It's integrated into the KDE desktop, so you can use it like a normal Linux app. The recordings and EPG is now sync'd with MythTV. There is a new DVD installer that will install both Kubuntu and LinuxMCE on a clean PC in under 20 minutes with only 3 keypresses. And the new setup wizard has video clips and will let you setup everything, including MythTV's PVR in under 5 minutes. The new demo Video is a complete walk-through. See also: Upgrade from LinuxMCE 1.0 or Pluto to LinuxMCE 0704

=Version change

The version scheme changed because each LinuxMCE release will be tied to a particular release of a certain distro. One of the most common problems reported with LinuxMCE 1.0 was people were installing it on the wrong distro. Now I made the version of LinuxMCE correspond to the version of the distro it is released for. So LinuxMCE 0704 works with Kubuntu 0704. The next release with be LinuxMCE 0710 for Kubuntu 0710 when it's released. The new update mechanism will allow for an automatic upgrade.

New Launch Manager and conf file management

A new Launch Manager allows you to start and stop LinuxMCE like a normal application, and also control the startup sequence. Additionally, whenever LinuxMCE needs to make changes to your configuration, such as setting up network booting for any thin clients, it will make a backup of your existing conf files, notify you of the changes, and let you manually edit them. Thus, for a total Linux newbie, LinuxMCE can still be a fully automated 'black box' solution requiring no knowledge of Linux internals, but it will no longer frustrate advanced Linux users who don't want their configuration settings overwritten.

New Update Mechanism

Previously LinuxMCE could become broken when Ubuntu pushed an update because LinuxMCE included some kernel modules that didn't stay sync'd with Ubuntu's kernel, and the traditional apt-get install/update system doesn't allow for atomic updates in a specific order. LinuxMCE now has its own update mechanism that will update all required modules in parallel so updates should no longer be an issue.

PowerFile and Ripping support:

  • Added disc management for jukebox
  • Added drive management
  • Change pending tasks so non-plugin devices can have pending tasks, as needed for the jukebox ripping and identification
  • Add threadedclass to multithreadincludes and start moving ripping from media plugin to disk drive
  • Fixed ripping
  • Fix unknown disc bulk ripping

Media (Xine Player, Media Plugin, Update Media):

  • Added media plugin retransmit on/off
  • Fix media plugin retransmit ir codes with no media playing
  • Fix eject problem
  • Add event PlaybackStarted
  • Add zoom & aspect ratio
  • Supporting to play 2nd stream when 1st is broadcasting (actually when more than 1 is broadcasting)
  • Added audio db capability
  • Check out only need directories or to save disk space and speed up the process
  • Improved usage of resources for Update Media
  • Patch in UpdateMedia to work correctly with both mysql 5.0.24a and mysql 4.0.24
  • Add stream id to all media commands

Orbiters and GUI

  • Added Orbiter for MotoQ skeleton project
  • Changes for Orbiter Smartphone 2005 using wifi
  • Few more fixes for Orbiter ARMV4I
  • Fixed "white screen" issue in OrbiterGL
  • Cleanup in MeshFrame, MeshPainter, OpenGLGraphic, ObjectRenderer_OpenGL
  • Fixed warnings in OrbiterGL; OrbiterGL project will treat warnings as errors
  • Changes to compile with VS2005/Windows Mobile 2005 SDK
  • Added Cleanup method to OpenGLGraphic class
  • Fixed issue with previous cover art being visible for a movie with no cover art; this should also fix the icons issue from channels
  • Fixed crash in OrbiterGL : specify if in RemoveChild you want to delete the frame automatically or not
  • Fixed/disabled warnings in DCE. DCE project will treat warnings as errors. Tweaks in OrbiterGL : it won't repaint the screen if it's about to close
  • Don't render the screen anymore if orbiter is quiting. This should speed up Orbiter to close
  • Use SharedDesktop variable to use different Orbiter starting mechanism (defaults to dedicated desktop, for backwards compatibility)
  • When pressing F7 in VW, got the "wizard done" screen
  • Move orbiter's window to 0,0 after removing the window decorations
  • No "Start AVWizard" or "Start Video Wizard" buttons under WIN32/WINCE
  • Show pictures for recorded tv shows
  • Added StatusOnLCD application
  • If media has no chapters, doing jump +/- # of 'chapters' * 30 seconds
  • Added "None" button to tv, receiver and other a/v devices
  • Spelling corrected
  • Switching screen saver off before starting playback

Installer and system setup:

  • Added 2 new steps and a list of ubuntu mirrors. From one of the added steps you can choose a mirror and on the other step you can select the desired UI to use
  • Kill NetworkManager as it interfears with our networking stuff. 2) Also disable kdm on a dedicated system
  • Adding Kubuntu Cache cd script
  • Add step for installing libdvdcss
  • Disabled option to install lmce from internet
  • First mirrors in sources.list will be our mirrors
  • Install nvidia driver from the cache cd
  • LMCE logo
  • Fix for broken network when installing packages
  • Restart after installing the nvidia driver
  • Globally make xfwm4 the default WM
  • : script for checking packages before installing
  • Check System Step
  • Install nvidia drivers on diskless md first boot if they are needed
  • Add the new UbuntuLiveCD step
  • Install kubuntu-desktop in diskless image
  • Enables/Disables composite extension at install time based on user's choise of UI version
  • Moved Startup_DiskedMD from event.d to rc2
  • Prevent kdm from starting at boot on diskless MDs
  • Install video wizard videos on first boot
  • Install nvidia glx before starting avwizard if we're running on a nvidia based system
  • 'installation complete' message; show disk size next to device name
  • Setup dhcp and the firewall at first boot


  • Fix pnp of pvr usb
  • Add setup for pvr usb2
  • Add support for pvrusb2 capture cards
  • Small fix to disable inactive cards on errors douring detection
  • Add onkyo/pioneer pnp
  • HAL changes for serial category, it is using readlink instead of HAL tree to detect the relationship between the leaves
  • Hdhome run firmware
  • Plug and play handle disabling devices that are not detected at boot
  • Powerfile (ieee1394) support

Audio Video Wizard

  • Fixed X display for AVWizard
  • Added ability to toggle on the fly composite, masking or fullscreen/windowed mode using keys
  • start AVWizard in runlevel 2
  • AVWizard on diskless (no kdm, no startup scripts in rc2)
  • Made AVWizard running under Windows
  • Beep on remote connect
  • Updated the resolutions
  • Added support for tv standard
  • Allow non-60hz DFP modes
  • Removed TV standard heuristics
  • Reduced lower value for horizontal sync range
  • Default to 60hz from Wizard, not from script
  • Changed DVI label
  • Added refresh rate tollerance of +/- 1 Hz
  • Get usb uirt working with av wizard


  • Fix myth query
  • Some tweaks to the myth process to start it with app server, and to change the locking startup for myth plugin
  • Set root user to mythtv group
  • Redo the tv bookmarking
  • Add root user to mythtv group for mds

General Improvements

  • Added LogLevels to pluto.conf
  • If pluto.conf has no LogLevels entry, add: LogLevels = 1,5,7,8
  • ZWave support for BOCA dongles
  • Make the progress bar pulsate while installing
  • Modifications related to crontab
  • Command sequence for repacking ivtv-firmware
  • Modified to run with feisty
  • Enable swap partitions when you find them
  • Dinamiclay add USE_HTTP_FETCHER since feisty misses it
  • Use simple xorg.conf for startup progress when run on a dedicated system
  • Added CurrentDesktop method to wmctrl
  • Add PC Desktop command
  • Separated NIS setup script; Updated NIS setup script to take DHCP into account and permit access from the external interface's IP; Updated DHCP client hooks to use new NIS setup script
  • Remove Install LinuxMCE icon after LinuxMCE was installed
  • Remove progress bar when copying files
  • Added logging for desktop management
  • Setup apt conf file for disked md
  • Enable shared desktop on disked media directors
  • Respawn lmce_launch_manager and X11 on Diskless MDs
  • Added script to start KDE on demand
  • Notify updates script
  • Change firefox setting to avoid the popup that asks about 'restore session', instead of removing the cache every time
  • Telecom changes which includes the timeout for ring extesions and some fixes
  • Add Setup_UI function to set the right UI, not UI1 every time
  • Automatically create md's
  • Added new device template: Launch Manager
  • Apply Update wrapper
  • Save volume level when setting absolute value
  • Finished remote assistance stuff
  • New Update Mechanism, helper script
  • Run the Apply Update in the boot seq
  • Demonize so it won't get killed by cro
  • Change 'Apply updates ? Yes/No' question to 'Apply updates? Yes/No/Later'
  • Implement fallback for updates
  • Add haltMDs event at reboot and shutdown
  • Remove adept notifier
  • Replace with the ip address of the asterisk server
  • Remove xorg.conf from the diskless image so avwizard can rebuild it from scratch
  • Restart kdm in the background so it doesn't get killed when KDE exits
  • Add raid devices as storage options
  • You are able to call an external number then you can make a conference (or transfer) with another phone from your installation
  • Hide "KDE desktop" button under Win32/WinCE
  • Corrected partition size calculation
  • Add cp sources.list from hybrid to mds when creating them
  • Put sample.mpg in the right place for UIdiag to play on diskless MD
  • Use gray as background color for rooms with MD cells instead of black
  • Report machine off on disked MD shutdown sequence
  • Shortcut for the Kubuntu desktop
  • When dcerouter does a reload it notifies all the devices
  • Added logging to add software
  • Smbfs instead of cifs

Other Fixes

  • Fixed leak in SendMessage / xml format
  • Fixed bug in DCE (HandleRequestSocket thread exiting without resettings m_bRunning variable)
  • Fixed crash in Orbiter : on replaced handle, orbiter will exit gracefully
  • Fixed crash OrbiterRenderer_OpenGL::DestroyGraphic
  • Fixed script to return either 0 or 10, as expected by
  • Fixed windows binaries
  • Xorg can run more than once when orbiter restarts
  • Small fix for Disk_Drive coredump
  • Fixed crash in DCERouter's ExecuteCommandGroup
  • Fix 'Low disk space' bug
  • Fix Backup / Restore (from 44, 1.0 to 1.1)
  • Fix disked hostname
  • Fix for grandstream configuration file and it avoids hanging forever
  • Fix broken epg guide
  • Fix the samba share detection
  • Fixes for hangup
  • Fixed UIdiag to exit when ESCAPE key is press, not just for any key. This way we won't receive dummy keys for xine and quit for nothing
  • Fix OrbiterGen bug
  • Fix issue with pnp and camera crash in lighting plugin show
  • Fix for SpeedDial Datagrid from speed dial screen
  • Fixed bug: If disk is remove from pluto-admin, in reality it's still in the raid