ChangeLog 0710 Beta3

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  • Added support for amd64

  • Added support for mixed amd64/i386 md’s

  • Added support for 1080p resolution. It work great with the masking UI, but it’s slow with alpha blended UI.

  • Upgraded xine to latest version

  • Latest mythtv packages and fixes for lmce mythtv stuff

  • Integrated VDR to LMCE and added support for few dvb-s cards

  • Telecom refactoring, most of the issues fixed (you can now easily create a conference, leave a conference, merge two conferences, use an assisted transfer, etc). Upgraded to asterisk 1.4.10

  • Added latest nVidia drivers (169.07 Dec 20th)


• Basic UPNP Support, both server and client

• Upgraded the slim server packages to support the latest devices.

• Automatically use swap partitions that exist on internal drives of Diskless MDs

Storage Devices:

• Write support for ntfs internal drives using ntfs-3g

• Ability to customizable mount type for windows shares using cifs or smbfs by changing the 'FileSystem' device data.

• Fixed bug that caused the windows share that contained spaces in the name to not be able to mount.

• Fix anoying bug that caused a message to be displayed whenever a windows shares server got detected, even if it was previously detected and configured.

Update System:

• Messages describing the update are displayed in orbiter whenever an update is available.

• Fixed bug that caused the update to not work when the internet connection droped douring the upgrade. Added logging.

Backup/Resotre Using Web Admin:

• Floorplans and Asterisk configs are backuped correctly now.

• Diskless MD get rebuild after the update.

  • OrbiterGL improvements and fixes

- Implemented reference counting for graphic objects

- Show/hide alert popups also when xshape is applied to Orbiter's window (e.g. : DVD menu, firefox, etc.)

- Re-activate repeated keys when going to KDE desktop. Activating Orbiter will disable the repeated keys.

- Fixes for UTF-8

- Added CompositeHelper to OrbiterGL. We won't need SDL patch anymore to use alpha blended UI. Upgraded to latest SDL (unpatch) version.

  • UpdateMedia improvements and fixes

- UpdateMedia to save its coverarts to picture id3 tags and also load coverarts for picture id3 tags.

- Fixed bug in UpdateMedia reseting file format and sub-media type

- Fixed bug in Orbiter saving in the screen history the visibility context for the new screen instead of the old screen.

- Fixed “cannot self in maplock” issue.

- UpdateMedia refactor : isolated FileHandler for saving and loading attributes to a different class.

- disabled adding of local files second time (via /mnt/upnp folder)

- skip UPnP service directories

11. Xine_Player fixes:

- fixed crash when zoom level is too low/high

- minimize window when starting Xine, so it will be not visible on initial startup

12. HD-DVD and Bluray playback:

- added basic playback/navigation/bookmarking/screenshots functionality, currently for ripped HD-DVD/Bluray disks only (install hd-bd-ripping-tools package from AddSoftware to enable this feature; reboot system)

- added MPlayer DCE device: system should auto-switch between MPlayer and Xine depending on movie type

13. sqlCVS: - fixed server-side queries to work with MySQL 5.0

14. LMCE Launch Manager:

- before starting Media Station, reloading router when new skin is available

- on core startup, make LM retry 10 times before failing to connect to router

15. Fixes and improvements in webadmin:

- Added VDR setup page.

- Redesigned device template picker in order to avoid quick typing js issues, and also to improve speed (the device template is not searched as you type, it's searched after the user press enter or click "go").

- Fixed the issue with special characters in files and directories names.

- Changed phonelines scripts to call to /usr/pluto/bin/ [provider keyword] [username] [password] [phone number] [host] instead of direct call to Pearl script; changed providers list to be dynamical.

- Replaced PHP code with BASH script for creating speed dial scenarios.

- Updated telecom scenarios to use MakeCall command instead of deprecated PL_Originate.

- Added screen savers page.

- Fixed phone status script.

- Replaced AMP with FreePBX.

- Added HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disk media type to cover art page.

- Added pagination and multiple checkboxes for multi-select to media browser.

- Upload pic for rooms is converted to png to be displayed both on page and on orbiter.

- Fixed logs names displayed from Web admin for consistency.