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[[Category: Hardware]]
[[Category: Hardware]]
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{{versioninfo|810Status=relevant|810UpdatedDate= November 9th 2010|810UpdatedBy=[[User:Chrysemys|Chrysemys]]}}
[[Category: Video]]
[[Category: Video]]
[[Category: Graphic Cards]]
[[Category: Graphic Cards]]

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This article is a stub and requires expansion

Club3D 9400GT HDMI Passive (http://www.club3d.nl/products/products_ending_page_7_with_id.cfm?product_id=109 )


   * 512 MB (I think)
   * PCI-e
   * Passive Cooling


   * 1x VGA
   * 1x DVI
   * 1x Audio

Works with nv driver in Intrepid.

Having some problem getting it running with a custom built kernel, but with a kernel config from Maverick-Meerkat and kernel built at the system itself (http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu) a loadable kernel module is produced.

Further work in progress.