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Right, having looked at the detail in this post [1] i felt its time to see what we are made of as a community, please add your details in the following fashion

Username, Relevant expertise/experience, Other Experience/Expertise, Time available for the project, Time zone or location, Particular Interest Area (If any),

Please keep the formatting standard so the big 5 hitters do not spend ages working out who can contribute what!

  • Geekyhawkes / advanced newbie / use to some C+/linux/ubuntu/ html / xml / flash / few evenings a week / UK GMT / User documentation, newbie guides, website design , wiki topics and guides. Line by line intros to get 810 up and running regardless of user experiance.
  • tmoore / advanced newbie / 14 yrs software product management, IT management consulting, marketing, network & systems management, UNIX admin / about 3 hrs a week on average / GMT-7 / Product strategy, team management,(non-technical) marketing & communications
  • qball4 / regular user / HADesigner, graphic design, hardware a/v distribution systems / average 20-40 hrs/wk avaialable / US CST / User Interface, new orbiter platforms
  • Fastie81 / advanced newbie / work with linux/Red Hat/ubuntu day to day / Project Manager / Systems Administrator / GMT +12 (NZ) / User Documentation, guides, wiki guides. I would like to learn some coding. My work load goes up and down so would have few days one week and none another / Quick Learner.