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'''Chriss''' <br/>
'''Chriss''' <br/>
Offering: SVN hosting (see [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?topic=2277.msg13677#msg13677 forum])
Offering: SVN hosting (see [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?topic=2277.msg13677#msg13677 forum])
'''Larry Brigman''' -- Contact larry dot brigman -at- gmail (dot) com<br>
Offering: Help with documentation, Wiki participation, QA and testing,
Build script work.
[[Category:Wiki administration]]
[[Category:Wiki administration]]

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LinuxMCE is a hot new open source project. It's stable, practical and usable, and really cool. Just check out the Screen Shots to see for yourself. I'm looking for developers and maintainers to join the team. New LinuxMCE team members, please add your name, contact info, and a brief bio or description of what you're working on. Thanks!

Paul Webber -- contact: webpaul1 -at- gmail (.com)
Responsibilities: Installer, Ubuntu packaging, build system, linuxmce.com site
I launched LinuxMCE on March 15, 2007. History of LinuxMCE, why I started this project, and the goals

Justin Burdine -- contact: justin -at- cyburdinehosting (.com)
Offering: Hosting/Bandwidth, Graphic Design (see [cbvfx.com]), Video Editing/Promotion (see [cbvfx.com]), install/testing

John Botte -- contact: qualityinterfaces -at- gmail (.com)
Offering: Forum moderation help. Conceptual ideas, help with firewire support, UI help and testing

Jonathan Iannone -- Contact: thorn168 -at- yahoo (.com)
Offering: Help with documentation

Michael Stepanov -- Contact: stepanov.michael -at- gmail (.com)
Offering: Build and test SDL Orbiter for Linux-based PC and Nokia770/N800.

Paul D aka Trout -- Contact: linuxmce.gqn@gishpuppy.com
Offering: Help with documentation, Wiki participation, Testing and feedback.

Pete Kalogiannis -- Contact: pkalogiannis -at- gmail (dot) com
Offering: Insteon Integration

Nat -- Contact Paul Webber to relay messages to Nat Offering: Nat has some access to some free or low-cost hardware, like TV Tuners, Video Cards, etc., which he can make available for developers actively working on a project.

Pierre Hansson aka Samme -- Contact: 316097 at gmail dot com
Offering: Wiki-admin

Lozzo -- Contact via his talk page
Offering: wiki admin & documentation

Offering: SVN hosting (see forum)

Larry Brigman -- Contact larry dot brigman -at- gmail (dot) com
Offering: Help with documentation, Wiki participation, QA and testing, Build script work.