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LinuxMCE is a media centered Linux distribution. It's built on the solid foundation laid down by debian and Ubuntu. But with all kinds of goodies for the home of the future, from digital video recorder capabilities and home automation to functioning as a telephone switching hub for your home in lieu of a boring intercom system; all tied together by an advanced messaging infrastructure. While the next release 0810 is almost done and focuses on stability, we're already planning for the next release and you could contribute to it's direction. We're always looking for developers and maintainers to join the team.

Core Team

Daniel Kristjansson -- contact: danielk -at- cuymedia (.net)
Responsibilities: Community liaison, organizing open source volunteers and roadmap

Thomas Cherryhomes -- contact: thom.cherryhomes -at- gmail (.com)
Responsibilities: Hacking, Coding, Media Plugins/Players, Orbiter Development, HA Designer specialist.

Harald Klein -- contact: hari -at- vt100 (.at)
Responsibilities: sqlCVS maintenance, JavaMO, open ZWave driver, testing

Michael Stepanov aka nite_man -- Contact: stepanov.michael -at- gmail (.com)
Offering: Build and test SDL Orbiter for Linux-based PC and Nokia770/N800/N810, Russian translation, testing and feedback.

Pete Kalogiannis -- Contact: pkalogiannis -at- gmail (dot) com
Offering: Insteon Integration

Jon Decker (aka jondecker76) -- Contact: jondecker76 -at- windstream (.net)
Offering: CM11A Driver support and integration, Lighting_Plugin maintenance and upgrades, Climate_Plugin and maintenance and upgrades, Web Admin maintenance and upgrades

Dan Damron -- Contact: dan.damron -at- techengine (dot) ca
Offering: Insteon Integration via PLM (In OPEN beta test now!) / EZBridge/EZServ, PLCBUS Integration

Derrick Lewis aka dlewis -- Contact info: dlewis (at) linuxmce (dot) org
Responsibilities: Forum Moderator and Evangelist

Colin Jones aka colinjones -- Contact info: colin_a_jones (at) hotmail (dot) com
Responsibilities: Forum Moderator and Evangelist

Roguen aka JimmyGosling(Forums), JimmyGos (IIRC) or TheGos (IIRC) -- Contact: Roguen (at) garage68 (dot) com
Offering: code development, wiki documentation

Offering help

Right, having looked at the detail in this post [1] i felt its time to see what we are made of as a community, please add your details.

GUIDE: copy'n'paste the following lines then append them into the table below (prior to the final line that contains '|}'). This formatting should make it easier for the 'big 5' to work out who can contribute what...

| Your username
| Your relevant expertise/experience 
| Your other experience/expertise
| Your approx time available for the project
| Your time zone or location
| Your particular interest area (if any)

Username Relevant expertise/experience Other Experience/Expertise Time available for the project Time zone or location Particular Interest Area (If any)
Geekyhawkes advanced newbie use to some C+/linux/ubuntu/ html / xml / flash few evenings a week UK GMT User documentation, newbie guides, website design , wiki topics and guides. Line by line intros to get 810 up and running regardless of user experiance.
qball4 regular user HADesigner, graphic design, hardware a/v distribution systems average 20-40 hrs/wk available US CST User Interface, new orbiter platforms
Fastie81 advanced newbie work with linux/Red Hat/ubuntu day to day / Project Manager / Systems Administrator / Quick Learner My work load goes up and down so would have few days one week and none another GMT +12 (NZ) User Documentation, guides, wiki guides. I would like to learn some coding. Adding Hardware support ,Devices Templates.
Techstyle Advanced Newbie System builder, Linux newbie, some Wiki writing experience / PMP (Project Management Professional), MBA, Mechanical Engineer, Entrepreneur 1hr per day US central (Milwaukee, WI) Anything structured
nite_man regular user Integrator, consultant, GSD, Ruby, Maemo Orbiter / More then 10 years of software development - Perl, PHP, Linux sysadmin 2-4 hours per day UTC+2:00 Nicosia, Cyprus Admin site, Maemo Orbiter, posting news, blogging, Russian translation
Daballiemo regular user Worked my way through Linux/Ubuntu/Fedora mainly on virtualization / Working within MOD and about 15 years of exp. with "paper" documentation About 3-6 hours a week GMT +1, Amsterdam Virtualization and interfacing (webui, remote, keyboard, touch aso)
SteveC LMCE Newbie but keen to get cracking. Electronics/Software Engr, C/C++ for 15years. Approx 5 hours/week UTC+10:00 Brisbane, Australia Main interests relate to external hardware interfaces eg. Clipsal CBUS lighting, Caddx/Networx Alarm system.
Lemming86_au Advanced Newbie IT Consultant, Network Engineer, Asterisk Admin (No programming experience, yet) 3-5 hours/Week UTC+9:30 Adelaide, Australia Asterisk
castlec LMCE Noob. Linux regular user/noob Java Dev, C++ trained (University). 3-5 hours/Week UTC-5 Ohio, USA
ZuG Regular User Linux, PHP and a bit of C. Very familiar with Asterisk and OpenVPN 3-5 hours/Week GMT Cardiff, United Kingdom OpenVPN development
ccoudsi Regular user 15+ years embedded hardware design, 8+ years engineering manager, Assembly, C, Perl, Ruby (newbie) 5-8 hours a week UTC-08 PT Security Panels
colinjones Regular User Bit of bash, some simple coding, learning C++, familiar with the DCE system ~15-20 hours/Week UTC+10, Sydney, Australia LMCE!
sp00nhead User since Pluto days IT support & Training, want to be python coder, solid knowledge of Linux systems ~5 hours/week unless i get hooked again. GMT Crewe, UK take the LMCE framework and make it as popular as xbmc/boxee!
darrenmason User/Developer since Pluto days, familiar with the codebase and architecture IT Consultant with Software engineering background specialising in Integration. Have developed in C++/Java and various other languages Varies depending upon family but can/will find time if interest level is there UTC+10, Sydney, Australia New devices, Microcontroller integration, Constrained resources Media Directors, DLNP
patricez Advanced Newbie Tech addict. Dev Team Manager, have experience in C,SQL,Xen,vmware,citrix,Asterisk,network... Varies depending my job(s) and family but could be 5-10hrs/week UTC-5, Quebec, Canada Home Automation, VOIP, Virtualization, Networking
PeteK User Since Pluto, some development work submitted to Pluto (early Insteon) Avionics Engineer, Hardware/Software C++ experience Shooting for 5-10 hrs/week UTC-8/-7 Mojave, CA, USA Automation Interfaces
davegravy LMCE Newbie Electrical/Acoustical Engineer, Project Manager. Java, Assembly, some C++ learned in university. 5-10hrs/week hopefully UTC-5, Toronto, Canada Home Automation, VOIP, Documentation
LegoGT Regular User EE(CmpE); Hardware design, firmware/software dev; C/C++, Assembly, Java, shell scripting 10-15 hrs/week GMT-5 Atlanta, USA Home Automation, Asterisk, A/V distribution, Embedded dev (drivers, hw/fw, etc.), Security, Maemo
TSCHAK Advanced LMCE Hacker Polymath, Hacker, Sound Designer, Accoustics Engineer, Software Designer, Programmer, Computer Scientist, Human Interface Design Specialist, Web Application Developer, Domotics Researcher, Professional Musician, Graphic Designer 18+ hrs/day GMT-5 Cambridge, MA USA Virtually Every Single Subsystem. Most of my work however, has been in Orbiter, Media Plugin, and Telecom Plugin/Asterisk DCE Device. I have also written a security panel driver (VistaICM2), as well as a new media type (Game Player), etc.
sptremblay I'm a passionate newbie I'm a .Net developer. I've done a few Java. It's always part of development "I want to learn something new" approx 8 hrs/week (I have 6 month old triplets! I'll do my best) GMT-5 Quebec, Qc, CAN Anything I want to get my hand in development.
Bdfoster (Brian Foster) Regular User 10 Years Experiance building computers, know Windows UI well, have used Linux for last 2 years 2-3 Hrs/Day GMT+1 (most of the time) Telecom, Z-Wave, Other Hardware



Paul Webber -- contact: webpaul1 -at- gmail (.com)
Paul launched LinuxMCE on March 15, 2007, but is moving on to other projects. He visits us occasionally but after release 0710 will no longer be solely responsible for any aspect of the LinuxMCE release cycle. See History of LinuxMCE, for an explanation of why Paul started the project.