Control LinuxMCE using a Symbian Series 60 mobile phone

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How to set it up

You need a Bluetooth Dongle in each media director where you want to use your mobile phone as an Orbiter. Bluetooth is not a strong signal, and doesn't go long distances or through walls very well. So, likely a USB Bluetooth dongle will only give you Bluetooth coverage for the room it's in. When you are within range of any media director with a Bluetooth dongle, you will be able to use your mobile phone to control every device anywhere in the house. In the LinuxMCE Admin website go to Wizard, Devices, Media Directors and make sure 'Bluetooth Dongle' is checked for each media director has one. Checking the box adds a "Bluetooth Dongle" device to that media director.

DCERouter cache's a list of all the devices in your home for better performance. So if you recently added Bluetooth Dongle's by checking that box, in LinuxMCE Admin go to Wizard, Restart, and choose Quick Reload Router. All the devices will close and wait for the router to restart, which takes about 15 for the Router. If you're adding lots of devices, you can add them all at once, and just do a Quick Reload Router when you're all done. As the Router restarts it will start any new Bluetooth dongle devices.

Then on your mobile phone, choose Connect, Bluetooth, and be sure Bluetooth is on, and the phone's visibility is Shown to all. Also, choose Tools, App Manager and be sure 'Software installation' is on. Now just get within range of a Bluetooth Dongle and wait about 20 seconds or so. When the Bluetooth Dongle detects the phone it will display a message on all the Orbiters and Media Directors asking if it's a phone. Touch the name of the person to whom the phone belongs. The phone will beep in about 20 seconds indicating you got a new message. Open it, click ok to accept the new program, and accept the defaults. This will install LinuxMCEMO software.

The LinuxMCEMO software needs to be always running on the phone--you can let it run in the background. Hold down the phone's menu button for a couple seconds to see a list of all the programms currently running on the phone. If LinuxMCEMO isn't running, touch menu and choose the LinuxMCEMO icon.

The Core will have been busy generating a new user interface for the phone during this time. It can take a couple of minutes. Once it's done the Core will display a message and the phone will be ready to go.

If you want to take advantage of features like "speak in the house" or "view alarm events over GPRS" from your mobile phone, make sure you have set the user and the phone number for your mobile device and on LinuxMCE-admin website that you have set in Advanced->Network->WAP/GRPS Settings the correct URL and caller ID. LinuxMCEMO will receive a configuration file with these settings and you'll be able to use the embedded VMC file (for Symbian phones) or directly the phone's browser to control your house.

How to use it

What's an Orbiter

Programmer's guide

Orbiter has its own Orbiter Programmer's Guide.