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This article is a stub and requires expansion

Infrared remotes

This is used to mean a method of communication over an invisible to our eye light beam. Most remotes use this technology to communicate. The downside is that you need direct line-of-site to get the message to the device.

With the correct infrared receiver you can use any remote with LinuxMCE. If your remote isn't in the database you will need to configure it. The config will then be shared with other LinuxMCE users.

If you want to control your A/V equiment, for example having LinuxMCE turn on your TV & amplifier and set the correct inputs you must have an Ir Blaster such as the USB UIRT or other compatible hardware.

Full article Control regular A/V equipment

There are many infrared remotes that come with Ir Receiver that works well with LinuxMCE. For example Windows MCE Remote and Windows MCE Receiver

Specialized remotes


Orbiters have displays. Basically orbiters aren't attached to a specific media director and can go from room to room.

Handheld computers/PDAs