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Visit the [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?board=350.0 Upcoming features forum] to discuss new features, changes or ideas.  If you are willing to offer some cash or other compensation to a developer to get something done right away, visit the [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?board=349.0 Help Wanted forum].
Visit the [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?board=350.0 Upcoming features forum] to discuss new features, changes or ideas.  If you are willing to offer some cash or other compensation to a developer to get something done right away, visit the [http://forum.linuxmce.org/index.php?board=349.0 Help Wanted forum].

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When a developer has decided to implement some new feature or change, please edit this wiki to add a brief summary including a link to the original forum topic for this new idea, so other users can post to that topic to discuss this, and where you will post updated progress info. Visit the Contacts Page to find developers who can commit your work to the main LinuxMCE branch, or to request svn write access.

This page lists the features which developers we are working to implement in the next release. There is also a forum dedicated to discussing features here . Please post to this page only those features which have been decided to be included.

Read about the long-term goals and strategy here: History of LinuxMCE, why I started this project, and the goals

Google Summer of Code Ideas:

internet radio Integrate internet radio into the existing media menu option so radio stations can be browsed the same way local media can.

internet tv / videos.google / youtube Integrate these online video sources into the existing media menu option so this video can be browsed the same way local media can.

gsd events The embedded Ruby interpretor presently only handles controlling devices; ie processing commands. The same code could be adapted in reverse to respond to events.

Standardized to be included in Ubuntu LinuxMCE still has a lot of non-standard scripts that Pluto wrote for use in commercial, black-box systems, which need to be rewritten in a more standard manner so that LinuxMCE plays nicely by Ubuntu's rules and be accepted into Ubuntu's main repository and included in their build.

Download audio podcast/video podcast A way with the GUI to subscribe to podcasts, and have them automatically downloaded and aggregated with the media in the home. Including playcount so a list of not listened to podcasts can be created.

Would it be possible to harness Miro/DemocracyTV for this functionality? I've succeeded personally in getting the Miro client to download videos into the LinuxMCE directory structure, but the filenames are non-intuitive and not all of them show up correctly (needs more testing). - dragon_788

Capture video from firewire camera The current plug and play detection engine already recognizes firewire digital camcorders. There should be a very rudimentary, simple 'capture' option that appears on screen to do basic video capture and save it to the managed media. Users can use a video editor like Kino for real editing; this is just for quick capture.

Better organize and manage photos The current UI could use some optimization to make it work better for managing photos.

Current Development

What modules are in development?