Düwi ZW ESJ 05436

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Usage Information
Duwi zw esj 05436.jpg

Düwi ZWave Sun Window Blind Insert


Düwi ZW ESJ 05436 Z-Wave has dual function:


Serves for the switching or dimming of connected lights either via radio signals or directly over clipped-on radio-rockers.

Sun blind control

The Düwi wireless insert of sun blind is for the wireless opening and closing of window blinds, shutters,sun blinds and electronic gates. The wireless sun blind automatically turns off the contact after about 2 minutes (value set at delivery) in order to protect the motor

Technical specifications
  • Switching capacity
    • ohmic 1800W
    • 460VA (motors + luminescent lamps)
    • 500W incandescent bulbs
  • Operating voltage: 230 V~, 50 Hz
  • Switching time: 2 minutes (time period is factory set)
  • Micro fuse: T 8 A H
  • Standby : < 1 W


The running time can be adjusted using Z-Wave parameter #0 (2 bytes):

running time:
0x00: continuous operation 
0x01-0x7F: 1-127 seconds 
0x80-0xFE: 130-1390 seconds
0xFF: 120 seconds (default)

One byte for each direction (example: Z-Wave parameter #0 = 8737 => 34s/33s)


Where to buy