DVBworld HD-2104-USB-S2

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The DVBworld HD-2104-USB-S2 is a DVB-S/S2 external USB single tuner;

See here for details; DVBworld HD-2104[1]

With an updated V4L DVB library it works very nicely in LinuxMCE-0710. The URL below points to a tar file that contains several libs (its pretty big at 58mb ;-) ). **I would not suggest installing any of the other debs included in this tar as they could seriously damage your normal LinuxMCE installation**

Updated V4L lib[2]

Download it and then extract it to a directory and look in the sub-directory called V4l2 for the lib called 'v4l2-modules-2.6.22-14-generic_0+20090324-2_i386.deb' and install it on your system from the kde desktop or using apt-get.

Copy dvb-fe-cx24116.fw and dvb-usb-dw2104.fw into your /lib/firmware/2.6.22-14-generic on your Core. These firmware files canbe downloaded from here;

Archive containing dvb-fe-cx24116.fw and dvb-usb-dw2104.fw files[3]

Once installed please attach your DVBworld HD-2104-USB-S2, reboot your Core...it will be now be autodetected. Now attach a Sat feed and your done.