Dell Latitude-D800

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Version Status Date Updated Updated By
710 Unknown N/A N/A
810 Unknown N/A N/A
1004 Unknown N/A N/A
1204 Unknown N/A N/A
1404 Unknown N/A N/A
Usage Information

This computer does UI2 (no alpha) only OK in LMCE 7.10- UI1 would be the preferential UI. The unit PXE boots, but even with 2gb of ram, the unit feels sluggish using UI2. I've tried turning off the Sync to VBlank and still the performance was less than expected.

An odd problem is that the laptop will only display LMCE on a remote monitor. The LCD that is standard on this laptop will not display an image once LMCE starts.

Contains: GeForce 5200 Video Adapter