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How To Get Started

Visit Contacts to see a list of current developers, and Contribute to learn how you can help out.

LinuxMCE was at the outset a fork of Pluto's debian based Linux distribution for home automation. The founder of the LinuxMCE project, Paul Webber, contacted Pluto after seeing a demo of their software at a trade conference. The Pluto folks were happy to let Paul create his own Linux distribution using their foundation so long as he renamed the project. Since then LinuxMCE has moved from debian to Ubuntu (a debian based distribution), and is now moving from being primarily run by Paul alone to being a more open project all around.

Pluto allowed also us to import all their existing Wiki pages, including their Programmer's Guide. The information is largely accurate for LinuxMCE as well and we've updated many of the parts that didn't apply to us since then.

Read about the History of LinuxMCE for more expansive background information.

Here are the Development Goals for the next release.

The latest source can be checked out here: [1]

Please follow the guidelines under Building LinuxMCE 0810

Please visit the #linuxmce IRC channel for assistance when you need it.

Designing And Changing The User Interface

Thom Cherryhomes creates screencasts outlining how to use the HADesigner to modify and enhance the user interface for LinuxMCE.

These screencasts are available via an RSS Feed or as links from the forum in the developers section.