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This page was written by Pluto and imported with their permission when LinuxMCE branched off in February, 2007. In general any information should apply to LinuxMCE. However, this page should be edited to reflect changes to LinuxMCE and remove old references to Pluto.


Pluto is very modular, and all the

modules are isolated. So, even if 1 module is still unstable, it will not break the other modules. The main router and DCE libraries, which everything relies on, are already stable. Here is a breakdown of what works and what doesn't. The numbers correspond to the following table:
0=have not started on it<
2=development underway, it might be somewhat useable<<<

NOTE: We are presently only providing modules from the development repository. They are compiled with debug info and very verbose logging, so they are

quit large and much slower than the release version will be.


5 DCE Router
5 DCE Library We will be doing a rewrite in the near future of the low-level socket classes to reduce the number of sockets and threads
5 DCE Gen Automatically creates C++ projects for new DCE Devices
5 OrbiterGen

We will be changing to a different graphics engine that supports scaling with anti-aliasing for better appearance in the near future
5 Designer It is stable and useable for creating new user interfaces and skins, however it only runs Windows (C# code) and is not very user-friendly. A

new version is planned
5 sql2cpp
5 sqlCVS
5 Orbiter Windows
5 Orbiter Windows CE
5 Orbiter Linux
5 Orbiter Symbian with Bluetooth
5 Orbiter Symbian with WAP/GPRS
5 Control system with Infrared Remote Control (LIRC)

Installation & Setup

If you will be using your own hardware, please read index.php?section=document&docID=213
5 Kick Start CD5 Network Boot Media Directors
5 Pluto Admin Website

This site, used to configure the system, is stable, although we are constantly adding more pages and options as we add more modules and features
4 Boot & Configure Scripts The scripts which start the Pluto modules and handle auto-configuration of Linux are stable, however, we will be committing changes to improve performance (boot times) and error handling (checking for disk full conditions,



Xine integration for media playback

5 DVD Playback
5 DVD Ripping (see
5 CD Playback
5 CD Ripping
5 Follow-me

MythTV for PVR


that Pluto simply launches the Myth front-end when you want to use the

PVR, and the experience is the same as with a stand-alone Myth PVR.
5 Launch MythTV Setup
5 Launch MythTV Front-end
5 Control Myth Front-end with the Orbiters Note that only basic control is provided with the Orbiter
5 Follow-me
1 Suport the Myth add-ons and plugins

Network Audio Players

5 Auto Install SlimServer
5 SqueezeBox Plug-and-Play Support (auto detect & configure squeeze boxes)
5 Control SqueezeBox with the Orbiter (play, pause, etc.)
0 Other network audio players (Roku, Sonos, etc.)


5 Playlists
5 Mark certain media as private
0 Synchronize music with car system
5 Learning of infrared codes
5 Auto-sharing of infrared codes between users
5 Automatic setting of screen resolutions and XFree modlines

Home Automation


5 Follow-me (lighting, climate, etc. follows you)
5 Generic Serial Device for rapid development of new drivers


5 gc100
5 CM11A (X10) integration
5 EIB integration
0 Lutron Radio RA
0 Lutron HomeWorks
0 Lutron GrafikEye
0 Vantage
0 Lightolier
0 Aprilaire



5 View surveillance cameras on Orbiters
5 View surveillance cameras on Mobile Phones over GPRS

Security Plugin

5 Receive notifications of security breaches on mobile phone
5 Control house with mobile phone
4 Broadcast voice in house to speak to intruder
3 Auto arming & disarming of system (presence detection with mobile phones)
3 Baby sitter mode


1 Apex Destiny
0 GE Interlogix
0 Plug-and-play detection of IP cameras



5 Basic Asterisk integration (make and receive calls with Orbiter/phones)
3 Advanced Asterisk functions (transfer, conference, etc.)
5 Integration with the A.M.P. projects
5 Asterisk uses LDAP for Contacts and Phone Book
3 LDAP editor for Contacts and Phone Book


3 Make and receive calls using the Media Director
3 Make and receive video calls using the Media Director
0 Conference together video calls


0 Gateway for Skype and other instant messengers
0 Tie all homes together as one phone system
0 Follow-me
0 Auto-route calls (track who calls for whom)
0 Only priority callers can wake you
0 Synchronize with Outlook and Microsoft ActiveSync

Personal Computing

5 Bring up web pages on the Media Director using the Orbiters
5 Update favorites and bookmarks for Web Pages
1 Control OpenOffice using Orbiter
4 Ability to add other software to control with the Orbiters
0 Join multiple homes as 1 with auto-configuring VPN network
5 Auto creation of user accounts for family members
0 Auto creation of personal home pages for family members