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When you insert the DVD or AudioCD, LinuxMCE starts playing it automatically. In most cases this is the desired behavior, but sometimes it needs to be disabled. One of such examples is when you are doing the ripping of disks inserting them one by one, while someone is watching stored media on the same M/D.

It is possible to disable autoplay for given drive using the following steps:

1. Start browser and open LinuxMCE web UI there by entering IP address of your LinuxMCE Core

2. Login with your username and password

3. Switch to the "Show devices tree" view

4. Find in the tree the required "Disk_Drive" device for that M/D (note: if you have more than one drive connected, you will need to find the correct one)

5. For this Disk_Drive device, in "Device data" section, uncheck the "Send Events" checkbox. Press "Save" button

6. Do a quick reload router to apply new settings

Note: when you will finish your ripping session, you will probably want to revert this modification back

This feature is available starting from 0710 beta4