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Using a switch

  • Setup a switch in the security sensors. Use type Doorbell (DT #1623).
  • Done.

Do something when the door bell rings

The "Respond to event" is Someone rang the doorbell.

  • Specify PK_Device as the EventParameter, and select the previously created device from the drop down.

LinuxMCE DoorBell

Part of LinuxMCE's capabilities include the ability to setup a doorbell that connects to the system and can provide you with many extended features such as:

  • Remote Unlocking of doors
  • Viewing callers to your home

Adding A Doorbell

This functionality can be achieved by:
  • Obtaining a compatible door-phone and registering it with LinuxMCE as extension 994. Compatible means:
    • A IP-phone door-phone capable of registering with LinuxMCE.
    • An analog door-phone system that can be connected to an analog telephone adapter that can register with LinuxMCE.
After this is done, whenever the extension is triggered, it will ring mobile orbiters and any cell phone orbiters listed in the webadmin.

Other Features

  • Picture: Adding a camera in the area of the doorbell should initiate LinuxMCE adding a picture of the door
  • Depending on the device, other features such as remote unlocking can be added.


Every device that has an EK_AlertType of 6 emits the doorbell event.