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Welcome. This is the main page for all information relevant to LinuxMCE 0810.


  • LinuxMCE is an extremely powerful, fantastic piece of software; have no doubt about that. But, please bear in mind that it is a project, not a product.
  • LinuxMCE 0810 is based on Ubuntu 8.10, which means that brand new shiny hardware might not work out of the box. For this reason, you might want to use hardware that is a little older and save yourself some money at the same time. In nearly all cases you will be able to get through any issues with a little patience and some help from the community. Unrecognised NICs is the most common one.

Installing 0810 Final

Caution: Installing LinuxMCE 0810 Final will wipe your entire drive! It is not designed to be dual-booted!

If you just want to quickly try LinuxMCE, then consider setting it up temporarily as a virtual machine on your Linux, Mac, or Windows box. VirtualBox will allow you to do this

  1. Download the LinuxMCE 0810 Final ISO from here. Note: Always burn at your DVD drive's lowest speed to reduce the chance of errors.